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17 Sensational Wedding Ceremony Ideas. Personalize Your Unity Ceremony

Wedding marks the start of a new chapter in the life of a couple. They have glittering dreams in their eyes and aspirations in their hearts. The marriage symbolizes the maturity of their courtship and initiates a wonderful life ahead. But it is much more than the unity of the two individuals. It is also the infusion of two different families. The attendance of the near and dear ones makes this glorious occasion even more special. The wedding ceremonies and rituals differ according to the religion and caste of the individuals. Different ceremonies and rituals make the affair truly colorful. Many hire professional wedding planners to come up with impressive wedding ceremony ideas. These ideas, when correctly implemented, will ensure that guests will marvel at the arrangements.

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1.Unity ceremony marks the union of two lives
2.Best of 17 wedding ceremony ideas

Unity ceremony marks the union of two lives

Though a wedding consists of numerous rituals, the unity ceremony is by far the most important event. The ritual is carried out in front of family members and friends to tie the two individual in the hold bond of matrimony. The selection of the wedding unity ideas depends not only on the religion and caste, but on the personalities of the couple. So, the popularity of a combination of both traditional and contemporary unity ceremony ideas is high among new-age couples.

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They are no more interested in lighting the unity candle or just hand-holding. They are looking forward to trying out unique wedding rituals, which will attract the attention of all guests.

Best of 17 wedding ceremony ideas

  1. Maypole Unity and ribbons – Wedding planners have a hard time, creating something unique for every ritual. When fishing for wedding ceremony ideas, planners can experiment with the unity event, if the couple wants to walk down the non-traditional path. Penning down the promises of love, companionship, and loyalty promises and tying them on a maypole will bring in some spice and uniqueness in the unity ceremony.
  2. Tea pot Unity – Like beer or wine mixing, making a cup of tea from two different tealeaf blends, is also popular in many cultures. In this wedding unity ceremony, the couple will have to pour in two different blends of tealeaves into a teapot, containing hot water. When the tea blend is ready, the couple will pour the tea in a cup and drink it from the same cup. It will make their bond of love stronger than ever.
  3. Leather branding – Some couples go the extra mile to make the ritual a part of their daily life. One such idea that falls on the list of wedding unity ideas is leather branding. The couple brands a piece of leather with the initial alphabets of their names. They can frame this piece of leather, and place keep it in their homes. If you are not interested in branding the leather with their name initials, then they can opt for a design or symbol that has high significance to both of them.
  4. Abstract art – If the couples have an inclination towards art, then making an abstract art together will be another popular form to complete the unity ceremony. The bride can pick one or two colors, which define her personality and the groom will do the same. Then they will use these colors to paint any abstract art on the canvas. As the colors mix and form a unique shade, they will form a mental bond. This canvas can be mounted on the wall of their new home, and will keep reminding them of their vows.
  5. Group prayer – The best wishes and prayers of the family members and friends will play an important role in bringing prosperity in the lives of the new couple. Some couples want to include their well-wishers in the unity ceremony to symbolize that these people are special in their lives. For such bride and grooms, opting for a group prayer will be an innovative unity idea. The friends and family members will huddle around the bride and the groom, place their hands on their shoulders, and then pray to the Almighty to grace the newlyweds with happiness. Such wedding ceremony rituals will make the seniors happy as they always prefer traditional practices.
  6. Jump over the broom – Another traditional unity ritual that is popular among many cultures is jumping over the broom. The beautifully decorated broom symbolizes all the hurdles that have come in the couple’s life so far. As they jump over the broom together, they are leaving all that behind to start a new life. Some leap over a log or pole to complete this ritual.
  7. Wine making – Most couples, who are getting married in the exotic Mexican countryside, can place this even at the top of their unity ceremony ideas list. The bride and the groom step into two different barrels containing two different varieties of grapes. As they proclaim their love and promises, they crush the grapes with their feet. The extracts will collect in a third barrel. The resultant wine symbolizes the infusion of the lives of the two different individuals. Then they pour out some of the wine in a glass and take sips alternatively from the same glass.
  8. Sand art – The expertise of the wedding planner will ensure that all rituals play out as envisioned by the couple. Sand art is another activity that appears on the list of unique wedding ceremony ideas. You can replace sand with colorful stones as well, but sand creates intricate and impressive art. The bride and the groom will choose sand grains of two separate colors. They will pour the colored sand in a glass jar together. The colorful sand grains will mix with one another and create interesting patters, solidifying the bonds between the two. This jar will serve as a good and abstract showpiece that will help them to relive the excitement of the wedding day over and over again.
  9. Floral lasso ceremony – Bride and groom, located or marring in the western areas, try to stick to the western unity traditions. The most popular idea is the one that involves the use of a floral lasso. The lasso is made of bright and attractive seasonal flowers, or the floras, which appear on the preference list of the couple. Then the floral lasso is placed around the love birds to complete the unity ceremony. Some use a similar small lasso to tie the hands of the two. With their hands tied with the floral lasso, they will look into each other’s eyes and take their lifelong vows of love and loyalty.
  10. Tree planting – Global warming and pollution are taking negative toll on the ecosystem on the earth. You can make your wedding day more special by planting a tree on that day to mark the unity ritual. It will be the responsibility of both the bride and the groom to nurture the tree and the relation. The tree will not only symbolize the unity of the two individuals, but will also mark the growth and prosperity of the happy couple. As the years go by, the tree will grow bigger, bear flowers and fruits. It will be a symbolic journey of the union of the two individuals, and how they make a wholesome life together.
  11. Sundial unity ceremony – In many parts of Ireland, people still opt for the mystic and traditional sundial unity ceremony. As it has been followed by the natives for many centuries, the ritual has found its place in the list of unique wedding ceremony ideas as well. The stone sundial has a small hole in the middle. The bride and the groom stands on two sides of the sun dial and pass their index fingers through the gap. When one’s finger touches the others, it completes the unity ceremony. The circle is their life and the touching of fingers symbolizes the meeting of the two. The best way to wish the newlyweds is to pass a scarf made of silk through this sundial aperture.
  12. Light a sacred fire – Fire is considered holy in the African and Hindu religions. Lighting a holy fire in the wedding ceremonies is a must. The fire not only cleanses the soul of the two, but also gives energy to the new relation. This energy will allow the couple to flourish. The African couples need to light up a fire on their own to mark their union, while in the Hindu wedding ceremony, the couples pour oil in the sacred fire.
  13. Blanket ceremony – Some couples, who do not any traditional burdens, opt for the contemporary rituals. This requires the bride and the groom to wrap themselves in a cozy new blanket before taking their vows. The blanket symbolizes that they will protect each other and their relation in the hour of need.  The embrace of the blanket around the newlyweds will complete the unity ceremony.
  14. Rope passing – If you are looking for out-of-the-box wedding ceremony unity ideas then how about opting for the rope passing union ritual. Two strands of rope are passed on from one invited member to another. When every member touches the rope, it symbolizes their accord to the wedding. When every single invited individual has touched the rope, it will be handed over to the couple. They will then make a braid with these two ropes, thereby completing the unity ceremony.
  15. Circling around one another – Another unity ceremony that is rather popular with young couples is circling one another. The bride circles the groom and makes her promises. Once she is done, the same process is repeated by the groom. The number of circles will be equal to the number of promises they make. The completion of the circles will complete the unity procedure.
  16. Crowning – If you want to get married in orthodox Greek style, then the unity ceremony will be completed when the ‘koumbaroi’ or the priest, presiding over the marriage will place two crowns on the heads of the bride and the groom. These crowns are traditionally known as stefana. These two crowns are connected to each other with a silk ribbon. The crowns symbolize the lives of the bride and the groom, while the silk ribbon suggests that here on all their distances has been bridged.
  17. Tying the knot – Another wedding ceremony unity ideas is knot-tying ritual. It is common among the Irish people. The couple is given two ribbons and they can tie a knot in the ribbon, while proclaiming their love and promises. It is a playful process, but helps in cementing their love and loyalty towards each other. The whole ceremony is presided over by an Irish priest. He will ensure that the traditional aspects are maintained, while not sucking out the fun.

It is essential for the bride and the groom to voice their opinions clearly. They are the stars of the show, and things must be done according to their wishes. Hiring a wedding planner will help the couple focus on themselves. The wedding planner will consult with the couple and take notes of what they want. People, who are willing to include fun in the wedding, can try non-traditional unity ceremonies. It is important to make sure that all necessary items at the disposal of the couples.

wedding ceremony ideas

Interesting seating arrangements, exotic destinations, amazing food and out-of-the-box wedding dresses are some unique touches, which will ensure that your guests remember your marriage for a long time. The unity ritual is not just an important event on the wedding day. But the journey starts from that day. It is the duty and responsibility of the bride and the groom to maintain their promises. One must look after the health, happiness and well-being of the other person. Sacrifices will help in strengthening the loyalty and bond of the relationship. Time will place many hurdles in the path of the couple to test the integrity of the relation. A couple that passes these tests will remain with each other till their last days.