Gender Reveal Party Ideas
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22 Gender Reveal Ideas to be Remembered Forever Including Party Ideas

Although the gender of the baby doesn’t really matter as either it is a girl or a boy, parents shall not be awed with joy and happiness. However, the gender reveals the party is organized for fun and to welcome the precious little angel in the way he or she truly deserves. Also, the birth of a new family member is a matter of massive significance and there are several parties and celebrations organized to make it memorable.

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The baby gender reveals party is one of those efforts that family members and parents often organize to induce some extra joy and charm to the precious days. Gender revealing celebration is a traditional ritual that has been around for many years now and people across many countries have been conducting it. There are a large number of gender reveal ideas that parents choose to use to throw the final surprise. If you perform some research, you will find ample options on the web and there are certain party organizing agencies as well who will provide you with exciting and inventive ideas for your baby reveal ideas ceremony.

Gender Reveal Ideas

The ideas are divided into two different categories; the first one includes some simple gender reveal ideas while the next lot is more about the entire gender revealing party.

Top 12 Baby Gender Reveal Ideas

Gender Reveal Party Idea

Baby Gender Reveal Ideas
  1. Fly some helium balloon – So this is one of the best gender reveal ideas that will surprise and amuse your guests for sure. Order or but a bunch of blue or pink helium balloons as per the gender of your baby. This idea is perfect if you are about to organize an outdoor party. Decorate the area of your back yard or front yard from where you will fly the balloon.
  2. Gender revealing with pinata – Pinatas are always fun and you can stuff it with a lot of papers toys and chocolates. But make sure you use everything of the pink color if it is a girl and blue if it is a boy. You can hand the piñata in a centralized place and wait for everyone in your best gender reveal to be present.
  3. Make the elder sibling reveal it for you – This is perfect for you if you are looking for an ‘out of the box’ idea. You can make your elder son or daughter wear an outfit on which cute lines are printed. It can be like ‘I am going to have a baby brother or sister’, something like that. Automatically, guests will come to know about it but definitely in a not so common and boring way!
  4. Wrap up the secret in a beautiful box – One of the most feasible and easy to perform baby gender reveal ideas can be the beautiful box. This is appropriate for you if you are having a small party at your place. You can pack an attractive box inside which you can keep the piece of paper. You can either write the gender in letters or just place a baby pink or sky blue sticky note inside the box. You can go as creative as possible with the packing of the box.
  5. The blue or pink confetti gender reveal idea – This is easy to do. Just fill a huge balloon with some confetti which blue or pink in color and blow it just at the right time. You will need to choose blue if it is a boy and pink if it is a girl as per the rules. There are several options for confetti available in the market now and you will have a lot of options in your plate to choose it.
  6. Bury a treasure and let others spot it down – A treasure is one of the most interesting ideas that you can ever choose for your baby gender reveal party. All you have to do is find an attractive box, write down the gender of the child in a piece of paper and put it inside the box. The important part is to hide the box in a place where family member, relatives or guests in the party cannot find it easily. You can let everyone look for the box and arrange a reward for the winner who finds it. What can be more fun than this!
  7. Get some really attractive signs and banners – This is one of the simplest and adorable ways to reveal the gender of your baby. When you throw a party, you can use a super cute banner where the gender of your baby is written. Create some real suspense before you reveal it and make everyone wait eagerly before you throw the surprise.
  8. Use a simple chalkboard – The chalkboard idea is an old one and requires the least of props. You can simply call a party and find the perfect moment to write down the gender name slowly on the board. To make it more interesting you can also let your guests play a guessing game. You can let them write down the gender name and point out the correct one a
  9. The baby shoe gender reveal idea – baby shoes are always adorable and you make your first purchase for the baby and use the same as a special prop for the most amazing gender reveal party. You can consider this as one of the most cute genders reveal ideas and simply flaunt the pair of shoes to help your guests discover the gender of your baby.
  10. Go creative with your ultrasound report – Well this would be the ultimatum of creativity. You can attach a sticky note to the ultrasound where the gender of the baby is written on the top. Many might not prefer to use the medical report as a prop of the party, but if you are okay with it, it is certainly not a bad idea to give a new surprise to your guest.

Top 10 Gender Reveal Party Ideas

gender reveal Party

Gender Reveal Party Ideas
  1. Make it announce by the eldest member of the family – This is something very simple, sorted and upright. A large percentage of families choose this idea to involve the elderly members deeply in the fun of announcing the gender of the baby. This can add sentimental and emotional value to the entire party and can be quite touching other than entertainment.  
  2. Reveal gender by using baby clothes in the party – This is probably one of the most adorable and useful baby reveal ideas that will make you invest on something for your baby for the first time. You can go for a red or pink frock if it is about a baby. If it is a boy, go for an adorable blue set of pant and shirt. You can consult with a few family members regarding what design or brand to9 choose.
  3. Wear an adorable mommy party dress – Well, since the mother is the center and the highlight of the party anyway so why not let her reveal the secret. She can come out in the middle of the party wearing either a pink or a blue gown letting everyone know about it. You will need to start researching on your beautiful dress from a little ahead of time. This will help you settle for the best dress for the party. You can also ask other mommies to wear similar dresses and even better if someone is visiting who is about to have a baby soon. This can really make your team heavy and leak some extra fun into the party.
  4. The egg roulette game – This is one of the unique gender reveal ideas that will definitely make everyone work their minds to some extent. Buy twelve that is a dozen of eggs and boil all the eggs and leave one of them half boiled. Dye the egg that is not fully boiled blue if it is a boy and pin if it is a girl. Fix a time in between the party when you can your partner can break the eggs one by one. The moment you break the half boiled egg or not boiled egg of the particular color, your guests will know whether you are having a boy or a girl. This is a perfect party game and a lot of people can be involved in it too if you let them break the eggs as well.
  5. The bubble gum idea – This is simple and adorable and also has tingle of romance in it. Get pink bubble gums if you are having a girl and blue bubble gum if you are having a boy. Now stand in a particular place from where you are clearly visible by the guests or audience. Now each of the partners needs to place one hand on each other’s mouth just to create some suspense and finally chew and blow out the gums. The color of the gums will reveal everything. Make sure you get a big bubble gum as they need to be seen from afar in the party. This is one of the simplest, affordable and easiest baby gender reveal ideas that you can surely consider in your list.
  6. Make your pet reveal it – This idea is only applicable for the couples who own a pet at home. You can choose your furry friend to let everyone know if you are going to have a daughter or a son. You can dress your pet up in a blue doggy T-shirt if it is a boy or in a pink frock cut thing if it is a girl. Or you can also use a collar where the gender is written in block letters clearly. This is again one of the most cute gender reveal ideas that you can use for your gender reveal party.
  7. Baby reveal candles – This is quite a simple, creative and feasible idea that you can consider under your list. There are many special candles available in the market those are especially meant for unique gender reveal ideas. You can buy the candles online as well if you want to as the range of options would be extensive than that of in the regular stores. You can let some special family members light the candles.
  8. Get an adorable baby reveal special party cake – A cake is one of the best ideas probably as who doesn’t like getting a piece of some chocolate, vanilla or blueberry cake. You can write the gender with cream on the cake. Make sure you get a big cake and try to align to a flavor that is pink in color if it is a girl and blue if it is a boy. It would make a perfect party!
  9. Play a puzzle in the occassion – So this is easy and all you will need to do 8is find a set of puzzle for the occasion. There are small puzzles designed and available especially for gender revealing parties. For instance, if it is a girl you can look for a pink puzzle that will say ‘girl’ after fixing it right. If it is a boy, the puzzle will say ‘boy’ after completing it. There are other trendy and funny words used as well in these puzzles and they are single word puzzles. You can get them online.  
  10. Give a nice look to your baby bump on the day of the event – Well, this idea would be really adorable. You can use a ribbon or a lace to decorate your baby bump and show off your tummy wearing a nice and cute dress. This is easy and the focus shall be on the mother so make sure you choose a nice and attractive lace and an excellent dress to earn some really good compliments.  
Gender Reveal Ideas
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Well, mentioned above were some of the ideas for your upcoming gender revealing party. You can use the above list or also customize the ideas as per your own choice. Whatever it is, try to stick to the most uncommon and unique ideas to try something new.