40th Birthday Ideas
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40th Birthday Ideas Special Party Guide

Reaching the 40th is no less than a milestone because the person has finally entered the grand middle age. So, regardless of whether it is your 40th birthday party, or your friends and acquaintances, the occasion deserves to be memorized with a grand celebration. The 40th does not have the casual immaturity of the youth; neither does it have the constant dependency associated with old age. Gone are those days when you were busy settling down in the career or marriage, and, you have also bid goodbye to those rebellious teen years, and that topsy-turvy ride of the twenties.  

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When you reach forty, you have earned a solid place under the Sun. You have carved the niche for yourself and established the identity. The fortieth turn around the Sun needs to be spent with a reflection of four decades that have gone by, putting creative 40th birthday party ideas to use, with the closest friends, family, and well-wishers.

So are you throwing the 40th birthday party for him or her? We have prepared a list of ideas that are suited to both. Go through the ideas given in our list and make sure to pick out a few of them to have a rocking event.

40th Birthday Party Ideas for Him

Birthday Party Ideas for Him

Birthday Party Ideas for Him

Whether it is your brother, boyfriend, dad, or the best friend, these 40th birthday party ideas for men have got you covered. When planning a 40th birthday party for a guy, make sure you use masculine colors like navy blues and deep browns to decorate the settings. Things like cigar stations and burger bars are fun additions to the party. Take cues from his favorite foods, hobbies, or the things that he absolutely loves, and, plan the event around it.

Here are some of the ideas to get you started.

  1. Movie marathon – Is the birthday guy a big movie buff? If yes, then there is probably nothing he will like better than the surprise 40th birthday party ideas of a movie marathon. Get the playlist ready with a couple of classic movies, prepare light snacks like chips and popcorns, get a few bottles of soda, and you are good to go.
  2. Karaoke night –No need to go out and spend all the money on the karaoke nights of the restaurants because you can easily arrange it in your home. You can get the karaoke setups at rent, and, even buy one at really cheap prices. Just have the equipment ready and you can celebrate the special 40th singing those favorite tunes of yours.
  3. Beer float – Think of this as one of those 40th birthday party ideas for men, where the games, activities, and everything is centered on the beer theme. You can even turn it into a beer tasting event. Sounds cool, right? Get a mix of imported, domestic, and handcrafted beers for everyone. Take a step further by ordering desserts and foods that are all cooked in beer.
  4. Alcohol desserts party – Who doesn’t love to take a bite of a sinful dessert? It is just even better when that dessert comes with a tinge of alcohol in it. Liquor desserts party is all about serving desserts that are made from special alcohol. Don’t think twice before digging in to the rum balls, ice creams, or donuts. You are allowed to have one cheat day, after all!
  5. Video gaming parlor – What better time than the 40th birthday party to back those teenage days of video gaming! You can arrange a play station or get a real video gaming setup, along with cassettes that were popular during that time. Games like Olympic Games, Mario, Contra, and other such games will take you back to those carefree days of your teenage self.
  6. Rooftop party scenes – When the weather is neither too cold nor too hot and humid, the rooftop seems like a good place for the 40th birthday ideas. There’s something unique and interesting about partying under the open sky. The open space and the open air are the two major positive points of this party. You can go for an Arabic style party along with sheeshas and a dress code.
  7. A paintball tournament – Paintball is the activity that was not prevalent during the nineties, and thus, the guys who have turned forty now might not have any experience of playing the game earlier. Organize a paintball tournament, with and for your friends to make some new crazy memories. Just because you are forty, it does not mean you stop having fun and madness. So, go ahead and win that tournament.
  8. Backyard barbeque – Make this a part of your 40th birthday party ideas if you love the taste and smells of freshly made barbeque. It is the perfect idea for a laidback party that is full of some chill and grill. Set the tables in the backyard and cover it nicely with white and red checkered cloth to create the ambience. Serve the dishes in a buffet style to complete the celebration.
  9. Comedy night – Who doesn’t love to have a good laugh? And, organizing a comedy night seems like a good way of doing that. Besides, if the birthday guy is the main jokester of your group, then this can be the perfect way to celebrate his day. Keep the décor consistent with the theme of the party, and, include joke books, emoji pillows, and the likes.
  10. Beach party – A beach party with your closest buds sounds like a good way to ring in the 40th, right? You can book one of those shacks by the beach and party the night away. It is such fun when the clock strikes 12 and everyone chimes “Happy Birthday” in unison. Get seafood and beer to add to the fun in this party.
  11. Treasure hunt – This is a game that will influence individuals to think back about their beloved recollections. This amusement can be played in groups. Each group needs to set a fortune chase plan for another by hiding a couple of chits all over with signs; each hint will prompt the treasure. The entire technique can be coordinated. The following group must finish something very similar. Whoever sets aside lesser effort to discover the treasure is proclaimed as the winner.
Party Ideas For Him

Say goodbye to the same old, boring birthday parties with our given list of happening 40th birthday party ideas!

40th Birthday Party Ideas for Her

So these were a few 40th birthday party ideas for men but, now we are going to talk about 40th birthday ideas for women. In this section, we will share amazing ideas on how you can surprise the women of your life on her 40th birthday. When people say that life begins at 40, they are speaking the truth. It is your entry into the “middle age” and time to start your life in a completely new way. It is always fun to plan a birthday party, no matter what age.

Birthday Party Ideas for Her

Birthday Party Ideas for Her

Make your special one feel even more special with the ideas listed below:

  1. A party for the food lover –If this woman is a big-time foodie then what better way to celebrate her birthday with a food-themed party. To make the party even more happening, choose her favorite dish and turn the entire party into that theme. Say, for example, if the birthday girl loves Chinese, then you can take inspiration from this cuisine and guide the planning of the birthday party. It is all about getting creative and having fun in the process.
  2. Wine tasting party – The best way to celebrate 40th birthday party is by inviting all her girlfriends. Rent out a party bus and take the girls for a wine tasting to a faraway vineyard. If the birthday girl is a lover of wine, then this will be the perfect birthday surprise for her. To spice up things, try going on a harvest experience rather than the usual wine tasting trip. Don’t forget to serve the guest with appetizers including cheese and crackers.
  3. Glamorous party – A lot of time we have come across women who feel quite dull as they start aging and this makes everyone around them feel dull too. It is time you feel a little glamorous and makes your birthday a fun gathering. You can make it interesting by including glam props and funky decoration items, just like those old school parties. How about keeping a celebrity-themed party? Ask all your girls to dress like celebrities and come to the party all glammed up.
  4. The birthday game – It’s been four decades to your existence, and you have come across various people and memories over the years. Games can make any party interesting and fun. All you have to do is prepare a list of questions from your old days and hand it over to your guest. Let’s see who knows you the best (depends on who answers the most number of questions).
  5. Cocktail party – What is better than having a musical party that involves barrels of cocktails? The new age way of celebrating a musical party is to take all your girls out for a karaoke night. Make sure you groove your way through the “middle age” and have a blast on your 40th birthday party. Call for a DJ to handle the music, a bartender looking after the cocktails and a chef for the exotic food on the food counter.
  6. A movie night – A lot of women prefer spending quality time with their husband and kids, and if you are one of them, then this will be the perfect idea for your birthday. Enjoy the night by watching your favorite movies and the amazing dinner cooked by your husband. In today’s hustle-bustle it is difficult to take out time for family, so this way you can spend some quality time with your family and relive old memories.
  7. A mini vacation – Another way of celebrating your 40th birthday is to plan a mini trip to someplace exotic and luxurious. You have been working all your life, multi-tasking, handling family and job and it is time you take a break. You deserve a luxurious break so plan a trip to an exotic beach in a five-star hotel. Make spas and cocktails your best friend for that week. A spa can help in making you feel refreshed and relaxed.
  8. A cruise holiday – If you are the kind which has always liked being extra, then this 40th birthday party idea is just for you. Give yourself a break from the mundane life and indulge in some fun time with your girlfriends. The best way to make your partner feel relieved is by surprising her with a cruise holiday trip. Let her celebrate her 40th birthday with her gal gang. You will find a number of luxurious cruises around the world offering good deals.
  9. A dessert buffet – If the host of honor (the birthday girl) is not into socializing and like keeping things intimate, then having an intimate buffet with friends and family can be the perfect birthday gift for her. Choose a theme and plan the color scheme accordingly, set up a long table outdoor and top it up with a birthday banner. Place the main cake that reads “Happy 40th Birthday” in the midst of all the desserts and cupcakes. You can get as creative as you want with the decoration and include things like ice cream station, soda offerings, matching crockery, etc.
  10. Bollywood-themed party – This one is for those who are diehard fans of everything Bollywood. Women are sure big fans of the romanticism shown in Bollywood movies so what better theme for her birthday party? Ask all our guests to dress up as their favorite actors or characters, and I am sure you are going to witness a hilarious sight. Get as creative as you can with your look; it is all about having fun.
  11. Spa session – Women and hard work go hand in hand. Modern life can be stressful at times but, thank god we have services that can help in relieving us from the modern day stress. So let your lady enjoy her birthday by indulging in an unwinding and stress-free spa session. The main purpose behind this idea is to ensure that she is having a stress-free time even if that means that you have to be the cook for the day.
  12. Revisit old times – Forty years of life is no joke, and I am sure by now you have figured out who the true ones are and most probably they are the ones you will be inviting to your 40th birthday party. So, this party is basically guest-centered. What you have to do is ask your guests to write a few lines or memories they have shared with you in a journal. Trust me when I say that this journal will be the best gift you can ever receive.  

Creative 40th Birthday Party Decoration Ideas

Birthday Party Decoration Ideas
Birthday Party Decoration Ideas

Planning a 40th birthday party is incomplete without adding fun party decoration ideas. A party without a theme is a cake without icing, absolutely tasteless. You have to make sure that you come up with creative 40th birthday party ideas so that the host of honor feels special. If you are planning a surprise party, then you have to be really careful about the decoration. You will have to do things secretively so do not choose complex themes and make your job difficult. If you are looking for unique decoration ideas or themes, then you are in the right place.

Given below are a few creative 40th birthday party ideas for themes and decorations:

  1. The bohemian style –Bohemian is a décor style which involves an element of nature and adds life and culture to your entire setup. It will give a very relaxed and unusual feel to your party, and you can take inspiration from different objects, colors, and patterns from all around the world. What you will need is flowers, garlands, traditional wood and other earthy elements to make the area look beautiful.
  2. Pastel colors – Pastel colors have recently joined the club of party themes and are one of the most loved themes. Using pastel colors will give your entire setup an organized and put together look. Color schemes can amp up the atmosphere of a party and pastels should be your number one option since you are planning a birthday for a forty-year-old. To keep things aligned with the theme, choose cutleries, balloons, and other accessories in the same shade. You can even keep the dress code in the same palette range to harmonize the entire setup.
  3. A lot of lightings – If you are planning for a night party in an outdoor installation then you will require lights and lots of it. For such parties, try and play with different types of lights including LED, colored lights, etc. But, this totally depends on the theme you are choosing for the party.  Fairy lights put in a glass bottle is quite a trendy thing and looks great as well.
  4. Helium balloons – Another very popular decoration idea for birthday parties is opting helium balloons. If your party is taking place somewhere indoor, then you can easily decorate the space with helium balloons. If you want to add meaning to these balloons, then stick images to their string and let it hang beautifully to the ceiling.
  5. Adding real flowers – Ditch the fake flowers and go with the real ones for this party. Not only will it enhance the look of the party but also give a refreshing look. Remember when you are choosing flowers as a decoration item don’t go overboard with the colors; choose colors that complement each other. It will make space look more put together and give a different vibe altogether. I am sure I have helped in giving you some of the best 40th birthday party ideas for both men and women. These ideas are enough for you to make your loved ones feel special on their 40th birthday. Don’t forget that it is all about having fun so do not be disheartened if your idea is not executed the way you planned on to. Your focus should be on making your partner feel loved, and even your small efforts will make them happy. If you have more ideas in your mind, then do let us know in the comment section below.