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44 Engagement Gift Ideas to Tie the Knot of Happiness

The desire to love and be loved is universal. It is this desire that brings two strangers together. If their personalities match, they form a romantic relation that gets finality when they hold each other’s hands at the wedding alter. But, before you reach this stage, you need to make sure that the other person is equally eager to spend his/her life with you. Thus, you need to master up all your courage and ask the million-dollar question – Will you marry me? Depending on the answer, your lover will graduate to becoming your fiancé. So, an engagement is the make or break phase in every relation.

wedding engagement gifts

Whether you are looking for a proper gift for your beloved, or search for a befitting present for your best friend’s engagement, this article will offer some unique ideas.

If you get a positive reply to your proposal, then you must purchase a good gift for the special person in your life. The happy occasion also calls for celebrations. Thus, most engaged couples throw a party to announce their news of togetherness with other. People, who are going to such an engagement party, must purchase something meaningful and useful for the couple. There is no shortage of engagement party gifts for couples. All you have to do is set your budget and search on the virtual platform or in the gift stores. There is no universal gift law that can be implemented on every couple. The gift must depend on the likes and personality of the receiver. At the end of the day, your best wishes are all that matter for the happy couple. Gifts are just a token of your love and approval of the union of these two individuals.

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It finally happened! You need a worthy gift now

Marriage is an important step that one needs to take at some point in his/her life. It is best to find someone who is compatible with your lifestyle. Once you find your match, it is not wise to waste too much time in courtship. Once you are sure about your partner, then pop the big question immediately. If your partner has the same feelings, then he/she will respond positively. Once you are engaged, it is time to celebrate the happy occasion with your near and dear ones. But first, you need to purchase the right gift for your would-be life partner. Nothing can top the engagement ring that you get from your partner. If you are ready to committee to the proposal, then you must purchase an engagement ring for your partner as well. Both men and women are equally empowered, and each should present the other with an engagement ring or band to show the depth and seriousness of their commitments.

22 Engagement gifts for couples

Engagement gifts for couples
Engagement gifts for couples

Once you have successfully sealed the engagement, you must purchase a meaningful gift for the love of your life. There are innumerable gifts for newly engaged couple, but any run-of-the-mill item will not be a wise pick. As you intent to give it to your future life partner, it must be special for that person and for you as well.

Here are some popular gifts, which will make your fiancé fall in love with you all over again.

  1. Promise band for him and her – The popularity of promise rings is rather high among young engaged couples. These can be given by either partner to the other. These bands come with the names of the fiancés, etched on the inner surface. Most people wear the promise ring on the thumb finger, but you or your fiancé may decide to wear it on any other finger as well.
  2. Symbolic jewelry – Fishing for the correct engagement present ideas can be a challenging task if it is for your beloved. However, giving him/her a symbolic jewelry will do the trick. A small golden or platinum pendent with your initials carved into it will bring a smile on your significant other’s face. You can also fashion the pendent as a charm for the bracelet, Wearing bracelets is in fashion for both men and women. It will be a constant reminder of your love and commitments.
  3. Letter pads with initials – The charm of penning down your thoughts for your beloved is the age old form of expressing your feelings. It is possible to customize a letterhead with your initials. The pages in the letter pad can also contain a water mark of the two love birds. You can use these letter pads to keep in touch even in the age of emails and text messages. The extra effort that you put in to write the letters will be a big gift in itself.
  4. Customized coffee mugs – If you are clueless about engagement present ideas, then gifting an engagement special coffee mug will do the trick. Whether the couple is living together or apart, the photos on the coffee mug will be enough to remind the other person of how you feel about him/her.
  5. Paintings – If your lover has a keen eye for art, then purchasing a painting will also be considered as a romantic gesture. Figure out what he/she likes in the art genre, and the favorite painter. It will highlight that you are interested in his/her interests and will go to massive lengths to make him/he happy.
  6. Expensive watches – Most men love flaunting their watch collection. If your partner has the same passion, then expensive watches will do perfectly as wedding engagement gifts. Ask the watch seller to engrave your name or a short love note at the back of the watch to customize it.
  7. Home décor pieces – The items that men can give to their lady lovers, as wedding engagement gifts is unending, especially if she has an eye for home decoration. A piece of furniture that holds importance to her, or a décor item that she has been eyeing for some time, will be a pleasant surprise for her.
  8. Cufflink set – If your male partner has to wear suits to the office, then you can opt for office attire essentials as perfect engagement gift. Several jewelry manufacturing houses sell customized cufflink sets. You can choose the base metal as per your budget. Opt for a formal design that will match all official occasions. As for customization, get your initials etched on the cufflink.
  9. Ties – Wearing a tie to the office is a must for those who work in a corporate setting. If your partner has the same obligation, then you can pick out designer ties for him. Make sure that these match his color and pattern preferences. You can also pick out more than one tie. The stores often offer special gift boxes to arrange the ties neatly.
  10. Matching key chains – You will be sharing much more than just your life with your fiancé. So, giving him/her a matching and customized key chain will symbolize that you are welcoming him/her in your home as well. Fashion the key chain in the shape of a heart. Give him the part with your initial on it. You can keep the half with his initials. When placed together, the key chains will complete the heart and your home.
  11. Customized chess board – Many couples have similar interests in games. If both of you are adept at the game of chess, then you can pick it as engagement gift ideas for couples. When you are together, a game of chess will not only ignite your brain, but will also help in cementing the bonds of love.
  12. Favorite wine – Gifting wine or expensive scotch will fall in the category of engagement gift ideas for couples. Your significant other will be happy that you have thought about him/her. But he/she will enjoy the drink more when you also sipping of your glass. To make matters more passionate, try taking a sip from the same glass.
  13. Gadgets – The gadget manufacturers have made it easy for couples to pick a befitting posy engagement gift for the fiancé. If your significant half has an eye for gadgets, then you can purchase a new phone or tablet that he/she will enjoy using. You two can make new memories with these gadgets as well.
  14. Golf set – If your man is a regular at the golf course, then you can gift him a new golf kit. However, it is rather expensive, but if you have the money, then you can check out the new golf sets, available in the market.
  15. Sunglasses – Sunglasses or shades are common gifting items for any occasion. If you are on a budge, and get the favorite brand that your fiancé fancies, then the simple gift will become the most precious item for him/her.
  16. Tool kits – If your fiancé likes to work in the tool shed, then take some time to figure out the tools that he requires often. If he is associated with a particular sector, then a quick search on the internet will give you an idea of the tools they use. Gifting a complete tool kit will surely win him/her all over again.
  17. Special cigars – Smoking a cigar on special occasions is a mark of sophistication for men. If your man has a soft corner for these, then you can order a box of the finest Cuban cigars online. It will burn a whole in your pocket, but the smile on your man’s face will make it worth every penny.
  18. Secret message compasses – These come in sets. On the inside of one compass, you can hide a love message. You will leave some clues to get to this compass. The other compass will show your fiancé the direction to retrieve the clues one by one, and finally get to the prize. This game is a way to tease your fiancé and test his/her skills to work with clues.
  19. Shaving kits – Shaving is a routine task for most men. Professionals have to sport a clean and sophisticated look in the office. If your man is fond of luxury brands, then gift him a complete shaving kit. It will make this otherwise mundane task enjoyable for him.
  20. Chocolates – No one can deny the alluring pull of expensive chocolates. In case you are looking for something that both of you will be able to enjoy, then give him/her a box full of expensive assorted Swiss chocolates. The pleasure on his/her face will also reflect on yours when you have a bite of the same chocolate.
  21. Books – Many are self-professed book worms, and love to spend quality time in their study. If you are engaged with such a person, then give him/her the book that he/she has been meaning to buy for the longest time. It will not only make your lover happy, but he/she will understand that you understand his/her other passions.
  22. Why I love you pebbles – If also falls in the list of best engagement gifts. These will entice the young lovers, and have been fashioned thus. The gift box contains of ten or twenty smooth and shiny pebbles each highlight a message of love. There is a silk or red velvet pouch bag where you can keep the pebbles.
  23. Expensive pen – If you are engaged to a writer, then he/she will only see pens as the best engagement gifts. Do some researches on the limited edition pen collections. It will put some pressure on your budget, but it will mean the world to your fiancé. Plus, limited edition pens are also collector’s items.

Engagement party rules: How not to screw it up?

Engagement party
Engagement party

Once the big question has been popped and answered, it is time for the couple to celebrate the great news with their friends and family members. The best way to do it is to throw a party befitting the mood and the occasion. You can be rest assured to get great many cute engagement gifts from the guests. While most people will opt for an expensive bottle of wine and chocolates, you can expect to get some good engagement party gifts, which you will actually end up using a lot.

If you want your guests to have a great time at the party, then make sure that your arrangements are watertight. While most people will hire the services of a professional party planner, keeping some basic points in mind will prevent any slipups.

Here are some important issues that you must keep in mind while arranging the engagement party.

Pick a venue and date carefully

The selection of the venue will depend on the number of people you will be inviting to the party. If it is small group, then your backward will be the perfect place to have a get together. In case you have a long guest list, then booking a banquet hall in advance will come in handy. Before finalizing the venue, you must zero in on a date. It is best to have the engagement party on weekends. It will ensure that your friends and family members will be able to make it, and will have adequate time to get rid of the party hangover.

Guest list

Most people don’t give importance to sitting down with a pen and paper to write down the names of the guests they want to invite for the engagement party. It messes up things as you miss out on one person or another who holds a significant place in your life. Whether it is a friend or a family member, he/she will not let you forget the blunder in this lifetime. Thus, the bride and the groom must consult with each other and their respective parents to ensure that they send an invite to all people who matter without fail. Once the list is complete, call them up and send e-invites to make sure they get the party invitation.

Stock up on the booze

No engagement party will be complete without an ample stock of booze. People tend to drink more on happy occasions. As the engagement will bring two individuals together, people will celebrate it to the hilt. The last thing you want is to run out of booze. Stock up as many bottles of beer as you can. Apart from this, make adequate arrangements for scotch and vodka drinkers. Running out of booze is the worst way to screw up your own engagement party.

Engagement parties are rather informal occasions, where people meet up and give their best wishes for the soon-to-be-wedded couple. The two families get to meet each other for the first time. Only drinks will mar the mood of the party. You need not arrange a seven course meal, but making proper food arrangements is a must for the success of the party. You don’t want to send your guests back on an empty stomach. It will create a bad impression, and they may decide to skip your wedding. Hiring a catering agency will come in handy. Just give them an estimate of number of gusts you are expecting, and the kind of food you desire to serve. The catering service provider will take care of the rest. They will even set up the food properly, so that your guests can help themselves. It is best to opt for three or four types of finger-foods, both veg and non-veg.

Décor and befitting music

To set the party mood in full swing, you must arrange for some foot tapping music. It is wise to give hard-core party mix a mix as you really want the guests to relax and chit-chat. The decoration will also add an extra edge to the engagement party. Make sure that your guests have ample room to sit both inside and out in the backyard. Ambient lighting will make the entire area inviting. Make some room to keep the engagement party presents that you will get. Some of the guests may bring delicate and fragile cute engagement gifts. If you are not careful about keeping them safe, you may damage them unintentionally. These are some of the guidelines, which if followed meticulously, will make the engagement party a definite hit.

22 Engagement party presents that guest can bring

Engagement party

Engagement party

The actual engagement is a rather personal affair that takes place between the couple. However, there are some who want to pop the question in front of the family and friends. If you do not fall in this group, then you will have to announce the engagement official, and this calls for a separate party. In that case, people will know the cause of celebration beforehand. You can be rest assured that they will not show up with empty hands. If you are to attend any engagement party, then you have to look for engagement gift ideas. As the occasion is very specific, you must show up with appropriate gifts.

Here are some engagement party gift ideas, which will match the occasion and fit your budget.

  1. Perfumes for him and her – If you know the preferences of the couple well, then you pick a fancy perfume set for him and her. It is a useful gift and the couple will commend your selection every time they spray the perfume on their body. Your wishes and memories will linger with them for as long as the fragrance lasts.
  2. Bathrobe sets – Another item that sits at the top slot of the engagement party presents list is a set of bathrobes for the couple. The bathrobes may have the initials of the bride and the groom or simply come with “him” and “her” stitched on them. Such sets are also considered great engagement gifts for couples living together.
  3. Scented candle sets – If you don’t have adequate time to search on the online stores for an appropriate gift, then you will be able to make a solid mark with scented wax or gel tapers. These engagement presents will light up the room and the couple’s lives with warmth, soft light and fragrance.
  4. Mugs sets – If you are keen on purchasing engagement gifts for couples living together, then you can go for personalized coffee mug sets. The couple will be able to make a fresh start as they sip hot coffee from the mugs appropriately marked “him” and “her”. You can add other personalized touches as per your wish.
  5. Marital bliss game set – It is important to spice up the couple’s lives with some fun games. Several marital games are available in the market. These engagement presents will not only help the couple in understanding each other better, but will also make their boring afternoons or evenings fulfilled.
  6. Wine or Champaign glass sets – It is impossible to think of a newlywed couple who don’t binge on wine or Champaign, whenever they are in the mood for these luxurious drinks. Gold base wine or Champaign glass sets also feature on the list of engagement gift ideas.
  7. Customized pillow covers – If the engaged couple plan on moving in together, then you can gift them customized pillow covers. These engagement gifts will come in handy later on as well. It is not mandatory to have their pictures on these pillow covers. You can pick a print that will symbolize their love and togetherness.
  8. Photo frames – If you want to play it safe, then you cannot go wrong with an interesting photo frame. These engagement gifts for couples will come in handy while decorating the home with their fond memories.
  9. Faux fur blankets – If the engaged individuals are already in a live-in relation, then it is best to present them with a faux fur blanket. These engagement gifts will help them to cuddle up during the long and cold nights, and dream of a blissful life together. They will continue to use the blankets even after the wedding.
  10. Photo album book – Wedding is all about taking the right pictures. The snaps will remind the couple of the happiest day of their lives. No matter how popular wedding videography has become, nothing can outshine the charm of traditional photographs. A luxurious velvet covered photo album is yet another item that appears on the list of amazing engagement gifts for couples.
  11. A perfect tea or coffee blend – Gifting something appropriate for an engaged coupled can be a rather challenging task. If you are thinking about ‘what is an appropriate gift for an engagement party’ then you may opt for an unorthodox selection. If the couple loves to drink their morning tea or coffee together, then you can gift them with the perfect blend that will help them to start the day afresh. The tea and coffee blenders also offer special gift boxes for gifting purposes.
  12. Wish or unity bottle – When wondering about ‘what to get for an engagement party you can surprise the couple with something that will attract the attention of all. Glass bottles are available in the market that come with ‘him & her’ etched on them. Gifting such a glass bottle will encourage the couple to write and drop in their wedding wished, or they can use the bottle for the sand or paint unity ceremony.
  13. Customized passport case and luggage tags – passport cases and luggage tags may not seem to be the best gifting items for an engagement party, but it is none the less important. The couple may desire to take a trip right after the engagement. These will come in handy during such trips.
  14. Cookbooks for couples – If both the to-be bride and the groom are foodies, then they will appreciate cookbooks that are especially created for newly engaged or wedded couples.
  15. Silver cake tray and knife set – If you want to confirm your invitation for the wedding day as well, you will have to shell out some extra bucks. A matching silver wedding cake tray and knife will catch the attention of the couple surely.
  16. Wooden wine cooler – The craze for wine coolers is high in the market, especially the ones which are carved out of pure wood. Such wooden wine coolers can also be proper gifts for newly engaged couple.
  17. Steel fondue pots – Most loves-struck couples take great pleasure in feeding his/her partner chocolate fondue. The taste and warmth of molten chocolate will sweeten their romantic life even more. Thus, a fondue pot set can be considered as one of the best engagement party gifts for young couples.
  18. Vase or showpieces – After a successful engagement, the couple will be planning to tie the knot soon. They will require many showpieces to decorate their new home. You can gift richly designed flower vases and other decorative items, which will enhance the beauty of the home.
  19. Heart shaped dishes – You will find heart shaped dishes and bowls, which will be excellent gifts for any newly engaged couple.
  20. Jewelry – Family members often give the young couple something meaningful like a piece of vintage jewelry that has been a part of the family history. Such gifts are priceless and more of a blessing than just an item.
  21. Mr and Mrs Salt and Pepper shaker sets – Another gifting item that will bring a smile on the faces of the young couple are Mr and Mrs themed salt and pepper shakers.
  22. Bedside vase come smartphone stand – It is hard to imagine a life without the smartphones. Both the bride and the groom will have their personal phones. You can gift them a set of flower vase cum smartphone stands for their bedside tables.
wedding engagement gifts

These are some of the unique gifting options, which you can opt for if necessary. A quick look at the online gift stores and the traditional gift outlets will give you lost of other equally fascinating ideas as well. The key is to understand the likes and dislikes of the couple. In case you are unsure, you can talk to them about your dilemma. Asking them about their preference will give you a clear idea.