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50th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas, No Boring Gift Ideas Here!

The 50th wedding anniversary is the time for celebrations because it is nothing short of an accomplishment. You have spent such a major part of your lives together, supporting and honoring each other, that the day deserves to be honored in a special way. Held as the golden anniversary, the 50th anniversary is the celebration of the resilience and strength of love that has stood the test of time.

It is not just about getting that beautiful gift for your beloved. You can also make it special for your friends by showering them with all the best wishes and 50th wedding anniversary gifts that truly shows your love for them. Celebrating the 50th wedding anniversary, through 50th wedding anniversary gifts, for your parents is something even more special. We can understand how much joy it brings to you to see them together for all these years when their love has not diminished even a bit.

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Traditionally, men used to offer golden wreaths to their wives as a token of love for the 50th anniversary gift. However, with the widest range of options available right now, you do not worry about finding a wreath for her or a golden watch for him. We have compiled a list of thirty-nine 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas that will give you enough options to choose for your partner, parents, or friends.

Lovely 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas for her

wedding anniversary gift ideas for her

Wedding anniversary gift ideas for her

Selecting the 50th anniversary gift for your wife can be more difficult than you think. Does she want those bags or will she be happier with the shoes? We think if you really want to surprise her with 50th anniversary gift ideas, you should go off the beaten path and gift her something that she hoped for but never really expected.

Take a look at the top ideas that will help you select that perfect gift for her.

  1. A wool & cashmere scarf – After being together for fifty years, cashmere will be as desirable as golden wedding anniversary gift for your beloved, as gold. The cashmere scarves come in as many shades as the rainbow, and thus, find the most suitable color will not be too hard.
  2. Beautiful drop earrings – Gift her pair of delicate drop earrings that goes with her personal sense of style. Being so many years with her, it will surely be easy for you to know the kind of earrings she likes. She will think about you and the golden wedding anniversary each time she wears those beautiful drop earrings.
  3. A designer jewelry box – Is she really into accessories, like earring, bracelets, pendants, and the likes? Does she always complain about the fact that she can never find that perfect pair when she is looking for it? Help her be more organized from now on by gifting her, a designer jewelry box.
  4. A collection of beauty products – Make her feel pampered and loved with a set of finest beauty products. You will get plenty of such collections in the online stores. You can also customize one with moisturizers, lotions, night creams, and so on, according to her preference.
  5. A luxury spa experience – Continuing with the theme of pampering, how about a spa appointment to help her feel truly relaxed? Book her an appointment at the nearest luxury spa and she will come home feeling all happy and glowing.
  6. A wedding band – Yes, we know she already has a wedding band that you gave her the day you got married. But, it doesn’t hurt to slip another one on that finger as a mark of golden wedding anniversary. Get her a simple platinum one that she can wear beside the previous band.
  7. A customized brooch –She is the epitome of grace and elegance and an intricately designed brooch would sit perfectly with her style, and, answer your doubts of what do you give for a 50th wedding anniversary. You can customize the brooch by adding a quote or a symbol that is special to both of you.
  8. A baking set –If she is really into baking and you love those delicious muffins, cakes, cookies that she comes up with every Sunday, then why not gift her, a new and better baking set this year? She will be more than happy to make a few more batches of those delectable goodies for the next Sunday.
  9. A sketch of hers –If you have the talent to come up with beautiful paintings, then it is time for you to put your abilities to work and create a lovely sketch for her this anniversary. We are sure she will be thrilled to see the effort that you have put in to surprise her.
  10. A heart pendant –You can gift her, a heart pendant, with a nice photograph of you two inside it. You will find many ecommerce stores that take such customized orders, or else, you can rely on the local jewelry store for your needs.

Special 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas for him

anniversary gift ideas for him
Wedding anniversary gift ideas for him

So, what to gift a man who has everything that he needs? Thinking about 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas for your man can be quite a tough job. There is no point asking him what he wants as 50th anniversary gift, because, even he will probably give a long pause and then come with nothing that can help you choose the gift. Thus, instead of relying on what he can suggest you.

Go ahead and take your pick from anyone of the following ten gift ideas.

  1. The bi-fold wallet – You can never go wrong with this gift idea for your golden anniversary. A classic bi-fold leather wallet is a gift that is both functional and thoughtful. So, instead of giving him something he will never use, gift him, a nice wallet from a reputed brand.
  2. A BBQ tool set – Whenever there is some outdoor party or a gathering of friends, the grilling skills of your man is put to work and people are all praises about his cooking. Thus, go ahead and gift him a BBQ tool set that he can put to use for the next party you throw.
  3. The wireless headphones – Whether he loves to listen to those melodious old classics, or, is really hooked on to Netflix, the wireless headphones will truly come in handy for him. You can gift him something from a brand like Bose or JBL, as, these will offer great sound and amazing longevity.
  4. The slip-on and loungers – If you are considering 50th anniversary gift ideas, that means your relationship has definitely stood the test of time. But, that does not mean his slippers will too. So, upgrade it to a pair of stylish slip-ons or loungers that he can wear comfortably.
  5. A gift card – If you are really stumped about what to gift him, and, he is not able to help you either, then simply go and get a gift card from his favorite store. It can be a garments shop, a home improvement store, and the likes, according to his choice.
  6. A pocket watch – When the choices of your man lean towards all things vintage and classic, then a pocket watch might be a good choice for him. Gift him something nice with his initials on top to make it even more special. He will think about your day of love every time he checks his watch.
  7. A leather belt – A leather belt is a timeless classic, and after all, just as you cannot have too many dresses, he cannot have too many belts. Get him an elegant and stylish leather belt that will last him long. It will stand the test of time just as your beautiful relationship has.
  8. A photo album – By giving you the idea to gift a photo album, we are not telling you to buy an album and hand it over to him. You should also decorate the album with all your pictures to make it look lovely. You can start putting in the pictures in a chronological order, starting from the first picture you have with your husband to a recent picture of you two.
  9. A hand painted coffee mug –This one is actually one of the cheapest gifts you can get him, but, the romantic appeal will still be the same when you put your own handiwork to it. Get ready with brushes and colors and start painting the mug in the shades of your love. Your beloved will absolutely love the effort that you have put in this gift.

Outstanding 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas for parents

gift ideas for parents

Wedding anniversary gift ideas for parents

A 50th wedding anniversary is also known as the golden anniversary, and why shouldn’t it be? The couples have worked their way up gradually to a stage where they act as an inspiration for the young ones. It is an important milestone in every couple’s life, and if that couple happens to be your parents, then it calls for a grand celebration.

You can only imagine the hard work and sacrifices they have put into their relationship to make things work so that it turns into a relationship that has lasted for fifty years. If you are wondering what do you give for a 50th wedding anniversary, don’t worry.

We have listed down golden anniversary gift ideas for you to save you from the trouble of brainstorming ideas:

  1. The gift of Gold –On your parent’s golden wedding anniversary, surprise them by gifting them the gift of gold. Since gold is the traditional symbol for a golden anniversary, use this opportunity to gift your parents a piece of jewelry made of gold. If you think gold jewelry is a mainstream idea then you can even consider giving gifts like a watch, champagne glasses or crockery dipped in gold.
  2. The gift of emotions –Fifty years is a lot of time and being able to share this milestone with your parents is an emotional feeling. Look for a gift that can correctly describe your emotions and sentiments, maybe a new set of wedding bands or bracelet. It will always stay with them and remind them of your love.
  3. Plan a party for them –Before you actually decide to throw a party for your parents, you need to plan out the venue and date and schedule things properly. You could either choose a meaningful location such as the place they got married or engaged or a nearby restaurant, whatever suits you. Decorate the venue, choose a theme and ask the guests to follow the theme and dress code. To make it even more special, recreate the theme that was followed in their wedding.
  4. Recognize their anniversary in your local newspaper –A lot of publications have an entire section for announcements so you can use it and give your parents a beautiful tribute in order to celebrate their golden wedding anniversary. Insert their wedding picture alongside a recent one, just how those “before” and “after” images are.
  5. Personalized gifts –When it comes to giving gifts, personalized gifts are always a better option and more meaningful compared to the standard gifts. How about gifting them a beautiful engraved clock or plaque with a meaningful quote written over it? Or, customizing jewelry with their name engraved on it? Heart lockets might sound cliché but, they carry a lot of meaning.
  6. Plan a vacation for them –Why not book an exotic trip for your parents? They have spent all these years looking after you and taking care of the house; it is time they get a break from their mundane lives. Send the two of them to a beachy place or mountain top where they can enjoy the serene view and relax for a while. You can pool money with your siblings and surprise your parents with the itinerary.
  7. Gift them a jewelry set –You can never go wrong with jewelry; they are one of the most precious gifts you can give your parents. You can either stick to the age-old gold theme or spice up things a little and choose platinum or white gold. Choose something that will work best as a couple set, either watches or bracelets.
  8. A gift box –One of the best 50th anniversary gift ideas can be giving your parents a gift box made from precious metal. Sticking to the golden theme, you can gift them a gold gift box, it is useful and valuable both at the same time. Not only will the box look classy but also traditional. Go an extra mile and engrave their names onto it.
  9. Keep things intimate –If you want to gift them something meaningful, then give them their time and space. Set up a date for the two and set them free from the worldly pleasures for a little while. It is no joke that the life of a couple takes a 360 degree turn the moment they become parents so, the best you can do is give them some time alone by setting up a date night.
  10. Digital photocopies – The time when your parents grew was a strange era, and things were not at all modern, they were not encoded into ones and zeroes. This means that the images they had did not really exist. To make these memories real, you can turn the pictures into something that the computers can understand.

Beautiful 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas for friends

wedding anniversary gift ideas for friends
Wedding anniversary gift ideas for friends

If you know someone who is soon going to hit the milestone of their 50th wedding anniversary, then it is apparent that you might be looking for 50th wedding anniversary gifts. We are here to help you so that you can make your loved ones feel special on this beautiful day.

Given below are a few 50th anniversary gift ideas that you can take helps from:

  1. Personalized wedding plates –This makes for an amazing 50 year anniversary gift, especially if you engrave the couple’s name on it. Choose a fancy metal for the plate so that it enhances the aesthetic of their home décor.
  2. Couple rings –Wedding anniversaries are always a special occasion, no matter if it is one year or fifty years. If it is your close friend’s golden wedding anniversary, then give a gift that carries meaning. Each anniversary has a specific stone linked to it so that you can follow that theme as well.
  3. Customized statues –You can also get your friend a customized statue in different materials or designs. Choose from the wide range of glass crystals or wooden sculptures that are available on online or gift stores. Get one of their wedding pictures printed on the statue to give it a personal touch.
  4. A personalized bottle of wine/champagne –Wine or champagne bottles can make for luxurious gifts and will surely surprise your friend. Wine is “the drink” of a party, and it is a synonym for celebration. A wine bottle can amp up the atmosphere of a party and what is better than gifting the couple a bottle as old as their marriage?
  5. Champagne glasses –You might not know this but, anniversary and champagne go hand in hand. Anniversary calls for a celebration and champagne is an important part of that celebration. Champagne glasses can be a thoughtful gift as it is useful and celebrates the couple’s togetherness.  
  6. Couple watches – Watches make the best gift as they are classy and elegant and you know for a fact that the couple will use it. You can never go wrong with a watch as a 50th wedding anniversary gift. Since it is an anniversary, what you can do is get couple watches so that the design is the same for both.
  7. Personalized travel map –Yes, of course, you might be thinking that it is a little too late to give a gift like this but, a happy couple is one who travels together. Even though their age of discovery is long gone, but they can go to nearby places. To make the map even more unique, you can attach their travel pictures on countries where they have already been to.
  8. Silver tea set –A tea set made of silver? Not only does it sound classy but also royal and grand. This can make for one of the most precious 50th anniversary gift, including a pot for milk and sugar. Choose a pre-designed tea set, so you don’t have to work on the designs.
  9. Electronic gadget –If your couple friend has adapted to modern means of life and is tech-savvy, then how about gifting them an Apple watch or iPad? If you want to give it a perfect blend of traditional and modern, include evergreen Hindi songs in an iPod and gift it to the couple. They will love this gift for sure.
  10. A plant – This might not sound like a fancy gift idea but, there is a lot of meaning behind this gift. It is a tribute to the couples who have grown their roots over the years and will remind them of their life’s tiniest miracles.

If it were not for this day fifty years ago, you would not be on this planet or any of your siblings. Be grateful for this day and celebrate it most beautifully. They have spent all their effort and time on your future, and the least you can do for them is think of beautiful 50th wedding anniversary gifts you can gift your parents.

Marriage is not an easy affair and takes a lot of hard work, but it is undoubtedly worth the ride after all these years. If you happen to know someone who is soon going to hit the golden day, then I hope these ideas were enough for you to honor that special couple in your life. If you have more ideas, then let us know in the comment section below.