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55 Anniversary Date Ideas; Make Every Date Special

When you begin dating someone, everything seems new and fresh and every idea seems novel. Every shared experience becomes a special memory to be cherished forever. There might even be some ideas that you have tried on your earlier dates and you can recycle those ideas for the person you are just seeing (hey, there’s no harm in that if those ideas were good!). But, the problems arise when times pass by and the anniversaries start coming on. You start running out of anniversary date ideas and finding new experience seems more difficult than ever.

Celebrating the anniversary is like revisiting the fond memories and remembering the milestones, and that, is important for the continuance of any healthy relationship.

Anniversary Date Ideas

Remembering the anniversaries is just the start of it, and you will have to do something special with anniversary date ideas to mark this occasion.

And this is where we come in the picture.

We have brought together an extensive list of anniversary date ideas to help you bring out your creativity. We have broken down our list of anniversary date night ideas into a couple of categories in accordance with where you are in your relationship, when you will celebrate the occasion, and what your preferences are. Some ideas are cute, some are unique, but all of them are fun and romantic enough to bring you and your beloved closer.

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Do not worry if you have remembered the date at the very last minute because there are still plenty of options for you to make the day special. You might have to do a bit of legwork, but, well, anything for love, right?

Exceptional first anniversary date ideas

anniversary date night ideas
  1. Head to the place where you guys met for the first time-Remember that beach party where you first saw her? Or, that bar where your friends introduced you to him? Yes, for the first anniversary date ideas, go back to that place and relieve those moments with your partner.
  2. Get a professional photo shoot done together – It is really sweet to commemorate the first year together with some romantic pictures. You will have something to look back and smile about when you celebrate that fiftieth anniversary!
  3. Cook him/her the dishes that he/she loves – You do not need to be a master chef to whip the dishes that he/she loves, though it sure helps if you know how to cook. It is the gesture that matters and he/she will definitely appreciate the effort that you put in the one year anniversary date ideas.
  4. Take some time out and go for a couple’s spa – She deserves all the pampering that you give her, and, so do you. So, let’s be fair and get some relaxation by heading to the spa together. Book a couple’s spa today and enjoy it together.
  5. Go for a long drive to some place special – There’s something really romantic about going for a long drive with your partner with no destination in mind. So, have a good playlist ready and ride into the sunset (or sunrise, if you prefer!) together.
  6. Go dancing together – So, you have two left feet, and, she just can’t get enough of dancing. Let’s take a step forward for her on this special day and go dancing together. You might even end up liking it, when she’s there by you.
  7. Stay in for some Netflix and chill – An anniversary date does not only mean going to fancy restaurants and expensive places. You can choose to stay in as well, and, have a night of Netflix and chill.
  8. Sit by the lake, pond, river, or sea – Many of those romantic stories, which we heart, happen by the gushing waters because there’s something romantic about the serenity of the water bodies. So, take her to the nearest lake, pond, river, or sea and have some heart-to-heart conversations.
  9. See a live show of his/her favorite band or singer – Nothing speaks the language of love better than good music. So, spend a couple of hours at a live show of his/her favorite band or singer and you will feel much closer together.
  10. Go for a calm and serene boat ride – Romantic boat rides on calm lakes have been featured in more movies than one. It’s time to recreate those scenes for your love for the first anniversary. After all, life is nothing short of a movie, right?
  11. Join a class together – You can join any classes together that you want. It can be cooking, painting, salsa, and so on. As long as you two are having fun, learning a new skill will not seem too tough.
  12. Relieve the wedding day if you are married – If it is your first wedding anniversary, then go ahead and relieve the day. Renew those vows and get down on one knee to propose her again. Only this time, do not invite the whole family for the occasion.
  13. Go on a food trail around the city – So, both of you are die-hard foodies and most of your conversations center around that yummy dessert counter or the new restaurant in the town. Go for a food trail around the city and try out new delicacies at new places.
  14. Get matching tattoos to remember the date – Go ahead and take the plunge. Get matching tattoos to remember the date forever. However, word of caution: only go for the first anniversary date ideas if you are absolutely sure that the decision is not going to affect you later.

Cute anniversary date ideas for two

Cute anniversary date ideas
Cute anniversary date ideas

Anniversary with your partner- no matter if it is one year or ten, is always worth celebrating. The fun part is when you get to decide fun things with your partner. A romantic destination, date night for only the two of you, a sporting event, an adventurous spot- the possibilities are never ending. An anniversary date idea is quite different from the regular ones, here you get a chance to show your significant other that you care about their wishes and desires. You can decide things your way and plan out the entire day doing things that you both enjoy. But, if you can’t figure out from where to start and finding it challenging to come up with date ideas that are not lame, then

here a few cute anniversary date ideas for you.

  1. Recreate the day you guys met – Whether it was through a dating app or a mutual friend or at the bar, that day will always remain special for you. After so many years of being together, make your partner feel that nothing has changed, except for your love; it has only grown stronger.
  2. How about indulging in culture? – If you guys are art enthusiasts then what can be the best way to take some time off from your busy schedule and celebrate your anniversary? You can either spend a night at the theatre, a museum, opera or a dance show- whatever interests you both.
  3. How about a movie night at home? – I know how difficult it can be in today’s time to take out quality time for your loved ones and if you both struggle to stay home at the same time then this can be best for you. Choose your favorite movie, add popcorn and wine and you are all set for the night.
  4. Is your favorite music band performing? – Even if the show or concert does not fall on your anniversary date, you can book tickets and spend the night dancing out to your favorite band. Music can be the best way to get two people close so, do not miss on this opportunity.
  5. How about attending a comedy show? – If you think that work pressure has taken away humor from your partner, then spend the night laughing and drinking at a comedy club. A drink or two can make anyone funny. A couple that laughs together, stays together.
  6. Pick a monthly theme – If you are the kind who can go an extra mile to make things grand, then why to limit your anniversary only for a day? This is one of the best wedding anniversary date ideas as you can keep on celebrating your wedding anniversary for an entire month. Go on musical venues, pursue art, watch movies, attend shows or play games. Choose your type and make sure you attend a few of these shows over the course of your anniversary month.
  7. Play a chit-picking game – If you are confused with an array of ideas lingering over your head then how about putting down these ideas in a chit? You can even add additional ideas and shuffle them. Ask your partner to pick up a chit and voila, you have a fun surprise awaiting you.
  8. How about a serenade night? – Just a heads-up, you will have to plan this whole thing properly, from hiring a singer to taking your partner to an open-view location. Sunsets are usually beautiful for serenade, so plan accordingly. As soon as you guys reach there and take a stroll around, someone approaches you and hand-overs a note saying “Happy Anniversary” and then breaks out in a serenade singing your couple song. Like the idea already?
  9. Ever tried bed and breakfast? – There is no compulsion or hard and fast rule that you have to travel across the globe to find yourself some time to relax. Look for hotel options that provide the facility for bed and breakfast and head out with your partner. This can possibly be the best way to focus on each other.
  10. Camping for a change – Going to romantic dates and destinations is what every couple is doing out there. If you want to keep it a little different, then go trekking or camping with your significant other. Enjoying the view and scenery will provide serenity and offer you both quality time.

Only us anniversary date night ideas

anniversary date night ideas
Anniversary date night ideas

For a lot of couples, fun, enjoyment and together time does not start until late evening. This is especially true in case of couples who stay in metropolitan and big cities. But again, if you like going out late at night then the biggest bummer can be that a lot of restaurants and entertainment spots shut down by the time you get ready to leave. If you are one of those, do not worry because we have your back covered up as well.

Here are a few anniversary date night ideas that you will enjoy doing with your partner.  

  1. Walk under the stars – Tell me one thing that is not romantic about this idea? You get to walk with your partner, hand in hand, under the night sky, complete silence, away from the city’s chaos. A lot of cities even have small tea and coffee stalls open at night to keep you through the night.
  2. How about a karaoke night? – This night could turn out to be the best night of your lives, especially if neither of you can sing. This particular idea allows you to take on the road at night and hit a karaoke bar. You can even hit the stage at your home or book a hotel room. The possibilities are never ending so, use your imagination because even the sky is not the limit.
  3. Ever heard of a twenty-four hour diner? – This is an excellent date night idea, where you get to skip the mainstream “movie followed by dinner” date night. Go visit a restaurant where you can whatever you want, no matter what time of the day. The best way to connect with your partner includes good food and a good conversation, you get to do both here.
  4. Late-night dip at the pool – If you want to make your anniversary a little fancy, then book a villa with a private pool. Nothing can be more romantic than taking a dip at the pool under the night sky. Listen to good music and free your partner from their stress.
  5. Go out for drinks – This might sound like an old-school plan, but sometimes old-fashioned plans can turn out to be the best plans. Hit the bars, go on a bar hopping trip and have a few too many drinks. To make the night even more fun, you can try drinks that you have ever tried before.
  6. Movie under the stars – If you are in love with watching movies and the charm of being out in the open enjoying the starry night with cool breeze blowing your hair, then this is it. You can get all romantic with planning a movie night with your partner under the stars.
  7. Stargazing – What is not special about a night that involves your partner and the stars? To make this night more memorable, go on a mini road trip to someplace where you can enjoy the clear sky and snuggle up with your partner under a blanket. Sounds exciting, right?
  8. How about a hot spring? – If you are looking for ideas to heat up the night (also literally) then do a little research. Find out hot springs that might be close to your city and allow yourselves to get soaked up in the medicinal water. Not only will it bring immense pleasure, but also benefit you in numerous ways.
  9. Go watch the sunrise – This depends on how late you want to stay up, if you think you and your partner can make it till the dawn, then watching the sunrise is the best thing you guys can do. It is romantic and exciting, especially when you watch it from your favorite spot.

Magic wedding anniversary date ideas

wedding anniversary date ideas
Wedding anniversary date idea

There are so many romantic things that you can do on your wedding anniversary to celebrate this important milestone. Time flies when you are having fun, someone said and I totally agree to it. When you look back at your wedding day, it feels like it just happened right? Days, months and probably years have passed by so fast and these occasions are what the most of you look forward to. Over the years, priorities can change but, that is why you should celebrate these milestones grandly to remind each other of your love and care. Given below are a few wedding anniversary date ideas that can save you from the trouble of thinking innovative ideas.

These unique anniversary date ideas are exactly what you need.

  1. Have a cooking battle – Just like any other battle, where one team is doing something and the other something else. In a cooking battle, one person can cook the dinner while the other takes up the responsibility for dessert. This way you get to spend time together and have fun at the same time.
  2. Mini staycation – If you happen to know a chicest hotel in and around your city then book a room, pack your bags and just leave your house. To give it a romantic touch, don’t forget the rose petals and flowers.
  3. Food hopping – You might have heard about the term “bar hopping”, but what is food hopping? If you happen to be the biggest foodies in the town then go on a food eating splurge. Enjoy all your favorite meals at your favorite eateries, from breakfast to dinner.
  4. Beach vacation – If you have managed to convince your boss for a leave, then I suggest you to take your partner for a beach vacation. Nothing beats getting tanned and drinking cosmos under the sun. Enjoy the beautiful sunset for a romantic end to your day and appreciate all that is around you, including your partner.
  5. Romantic bath – Make the day even more romantic by indulging in a romantic bath, add candles all around the bath tub and use luxurious products like bubble bath and bodywash. Make sure they have a nice aroma to it which makes you both feel refreshed. You can also add a glass of wine or champagne and relax while you are in the warm water.
  6. Relive your wedding day – How about reliving and revisiting all the old memories attached to your wedding day? Go through the wedding album, videos and images. You can share a few secrets with each other of the big day that you haven’t yet, sip on some wine, listen to good music and focus on each other.
  7. Favorite activity – If there is something that your partner has been meaning to do for a long time but did not get the time to, then use this opportunity. Register yourselves in a class together, be it cooking, dancing, singing or learning a musical instrument. Whatever you choose, the focus should be on learning a new skill and spending time with each other.
  8. A fancy dinner – It might not be possible for all of us to go out on fancy dinner dates and restaurants frequently, but this does not mean you cannot spare it for a special occasion. Book a table in the fanciest restaurant of the town, gift your significant other an outfit for the night and pick them up after their work. I am sure this will be an amazing date that your partner will never forget.

Anniversaries are not to be taken lightly. After all, you have made another trip around the Sun with your partner, and that alone calls for a celebration. Hopefully, there are enough anniversary date ideas here to help you be sorted for the next couple of years. Any more ideas that you will like to add in here that you have tried? Let us know down below!