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Actual 35 Open When Letters Ideas with Examples

When your best friend or your partner is about to go on a long trip, the distance can be too much to take in any relationship. Thanks to the advancement of technology, bridging the gap and making the transition has become easier than ever. However, when you cannot reach the person immediately, there is still a way to leave a special token of your love and longing for the person through the ‘open when letters.’

These are pre-delivered letters that let you be there for the person when the distance becomes too much to take. Every letter has an instruction regarding when to open it and read in various situations. For instance, you can have letters like ‘Open when you need to be cheered up,’ ‘Open when you feel alone’ etc. There are no pre-set styles or designs for these letters and you can be as creative and wacky as you want!

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Sending such letters acts as a cute gesture that shows you familiarity and affection towards a loved one when both of you are away from one another. The best part about it is the fact that it is really affordable and easy to create. No wonder that it is such a huge hit among the long distance besties and the lovers.

Open When Letters Ideas

Looking for open when letter ideas to help you get started on writing those letters? We have got you covered with our 35 sweet and unique ideas. So, let’s get started.

Open when letter ideas for boyfriend/girlfriend

There is no denying the fact that long distance relationships are hard. But, offering your boyfriend/girlfriend a box full of open when letters for boyfriend can be of help to let them sail through those tough days, and, make you two feel connected on the good days.

letter ideas for boyfriend/girlfriend

Letter ideas for boyfriend/girlfriend

Make sure you draft the open when letter ideas for boyfriend or girlfriend according to the preferences of the person. Also, it is important to consider how many letters to pack and the duration for which they will be away. Do not give too many open when letters when they need to pack light. However, you can leave as many large letters with small gifts when you are leaving them behind for a long trip.

  1. Open when you get there – Let this be the first letter that you put in. You can put in words of motivation, like, wishing him/her all the luck for his/her trip. Let your special someone how much you will miss them and how distance can never come in the way of your love. Lastly, tell them not to cheat about the rules of the letters!
  2. Open when you are missing me – This one is a heartwarming letter that takes your beloved down the memory lane. Mention the favorite moments, and, all the plans you have for them when they come back. In here, you can include a picture of the two of you, write a poem, or draw something silly or sweet.
  3. Open when you want to laugh – It might seem really difficult to cheer up someone who is sitting that far away from you. But trust us, this letter will help. Include your inside jokes, funny images of the two of you, or draw a funny cartoon. You will surely brighten up their day with your efforts.
  4. Open when you feel stressed – Stress is a part and parcel of life but it helps to have someone by your side that can help you relax when the going gets tough. Include the recipe of their favorite home cooked delight so that the taste brings back the memories of homely comfort. Write a couple of inspirational quotes that will help them bounce back with energy. You can also write the lyrics of their favorite song.
  5. Open when you need to smile – No one how to make him/her smile, better than you and it is time to put that familiarity of yours to test. Include the favorite picture of the two of you, or you can print out a special picture of your smile. These photos must be included in a letter that has the list of all of those things about them, which makes you really happy. Tell them a thing about them that make you think of them.
  6. Open when we have a fight – Solving fights become even more difficult than ever when the distance comes in between you two. If you cannot solve the issue altogether, you can at least pacify the situation to some extent with your letters. Tell them you are sorry and you want to solve the issues as soon as possible. Give them all the reasons to move past this fight and get back to the good old days.
  7. Open when you fall sick – Does your lover have the habit of missing out on their medicines? Do they never seem to stop and take rest, even when they are sick? If the answer to both these questions is a big yes, then do not forget to put this letter in the bunch. Tell him to get those medicines and take them regularly without fail. Remind him to take rest when he is not feeling well and that everyone back home gets really worried about him when he doesn’t take care of himself.
  8. Open when you think no one cares – When the special someone feels that no one cares about them, remind them that it is so not true! Because you are there for him, and, so is his family. Let the person know that you will always be there for him to make sure that he is okay.
  9. Open when you miss my kiss – Take a piece of paper and put the mark of your lips on it. Put in some kiss chocolates and a lip-shaped lollipop if you can. Tell him about all the kisses that await him when he comes back to your arms. Let him know how much you miss his kisses too.
  10. Open when you are having a hard day – Tell him how much you wish you were there to hug him in person but, since you are not there, you are sending these images of you both cuddling and snuggling. You can also include a little cash so that he can get his favorite drink.
  11. Open when you want a hug – Being in a completely new city can make him feel lonely and with you not being on his side (physically) will surely make him miss your hugs. Tell him you are looking forward to his next visit and saving all the hugs for then.
  12. Open whenever you want to – You do not want to get too rigid with things, let it easy on him. If he feels like opening a letter but does not have that particular situation in front of him then he can fall back to this one. Include a cute-cum-ugly selfie of yours with an “I love you and I miss your ugly face” note.
  13. Open when I am not available to talk to – It is not necessary that your schedule matches with his and there will be times when he would want to talk to you but you won’t be there. For such times, simply tell him how much you miss listening to his voice and you are sorry that you cannot talk right now.
  14. Open when you feel a little mischievous – What you write in this letter is completely on you. I am leaving the dirty talk up to you but, make sure whatever you write, you are having fun with it. In case you want to remind him how hot he is, how about putting a zip lock of chili powder in this letter?
  15. Open on a Monday morning – Who does not have Monday blues? And just like that it might not be his favorite moment too. So, how about including a gift card to their favorite coffee shop in the city?

Open when letter ideas for best friend

Open when letter ideas for best friend

Letter ideas for best friend

Open when letter can be the perfect gift to give your best friend, whatever the occasion is. Whether it is their birthday or they are moving out of the town.

Open when letter for best friend who are moving out can help you guys keep connected, no matter how distant they are from you. They are a great way to send encouragement and love to your loved ones. Writing letters can be a little boring at times so to make it even more fun and creative, you can add small gifts inside each on these letters. You can either hand it over to them personally, before they leave or through courier.

Here are a few open when letter ideas for your best friend:

  1. When you first get this gift – Not all best friends are smart, mine is surely a dumb crack (or at least I would like to believe so). So, the first letter can be the one you attach with the main gift. Here, you can list down the instructions and rules of the game. This way your best friend will know how many letters to open in a week or things of that sort.
  2. When you are bored – Odds are that your best friend is always bored so this idea can be perfect for him/her. To make sure that she is having a fun time you can include a Netflix subscription inside this letter. OR, how about listing down all your favorite movies or songs? (For times when you are low on cash) This list will keep them entertained for a long time, I bet.
  3. When you cannot sleep – When they are your best friend, insomnia can be theirs. For times when you can’t sleep, what do you do? I usually read a book so, how about giving her a list of your favorite novels in this letter? If they are not the kind who likes reading books then insert coffee pouches or tea bags in this letter with a note saying- “Complete the task you left incomplete today”.
  4. When you are dealing with office stress – Office work can get hectic a lot of times and being a good best friend, it is your duty to make them feel relieved. Insert a bubble wrap in this letter, it can be the best way to take all their stress away.
  5. When you feel sick – The best way to make a sick person feel better is by offering them hot soup. So, add cough relief candies or a packet of hot and sour soup inside this letter. Write a cute note saying “Get well soon.”
  6. Open when you are broke – Yes, we all have times when we are broke and do not have enough money to survive the month. How about giving her a gift card of a supermarket or simply putting cash inside it with a note saying- “Best friend at your service Ma’am.”
  7. Open when you are starving – If your best friend stays on her own, away from home, chances are she might open this one first. Include food vouchers or discount cards inside this letter to save her from starvation.
  8. Open when you feel lonely – Everybody goes through their sad phase and to support your best friend during their sad times, you can list down all the people who love and care for them. Remind them that you are only a call away and ready to listen to whatever they have to say.
  9. When you are sad – I am including more of these because getting sad is human behavior and your best friend probably needs more than one letter to cheer up. Include a picture collage of all her favorite things such as food, dogs, kittens, your face, beach destinations, and so on. Top it all up with a cheesy quote.
  10. When you are PMSing – If your best friend is a girl then include this one without a doubt. She might be craving food or just irritated at the existence of human life on this planet, things can be extreme. Ask her to watch her favorite movie (the one she has already watched hundred times) or a food voucher can work its magic too.
  11. When you need a hug – If possible, you can add a key ring of a small teddy bear or a picture of you guys hugging each other. Tell her that whatever it is, will be okay in no time and you are always there for her.
  12. When you are worrying about the future – Remind her of all that she has achieved in life on her own and how beautifully she has succeeded in doing them. If she could do those amazing things gracefully then she can also handle all the curveballs life will throw at her.
  13. When you are mad at me –List down all the reasons why she loves you and how you guys have managed to be best friends for such a long time. Tell her how boring life would be if it weren’t for a monkey like you to cheer her up.
  14. When you need a pick me up – Who does not have an “I cannot function anymore. I am sad. Pick me up” situation once in a while? Put inside her favorite candy inside this letter.
  15. When you are dealing with other people problems –Remind her to focus on her problems and to take a step back if things are getting too much to handle. Ask her to pay attention to her problems before she tries to help others.
  16. When you don’t feel appreciated –Remind her of all that she is capable of doing. It might seem like her efforts are not being reciprocated or appreciated but, that is not true. You appreciate all that she does for this friendship and respect her efforts.
  17. When you are confused – Confusion and dilemmas can be torturing. If she is confused with something then a “Pros and Cons” sheet can help her feel better. Insert a sheet that has two columns- Pros and Cons so that she can list down these points to overcome the confusion.
  18. When I am not there anymore –Okay, this one can come out as a queer idea but, think about it. You will not get the chance to say a lot of things to your best friend so, why not write her a letter right now?
  19. When you want to reminisce – It is good to recollect old memories once in a while. You can include a collage of your images, her family, her childhood and other important occasions.
  20. When you are crying – You do not have to put your number in the letter. Of course, she is your best friend and has your number. What you can do is put a few tissue papers with lame jokes written all over them. I am sure it will put a smile on her face.

Rules for open when letters

open when letter

Rules for open when letters

To make sure that the letters and the idea behind them is pulled off properly, you and your partner/best friend has to understand the rules thoroughly. The rules are important even for the ones making the letters, it will help you get more creative.

So, what are the open when letters rules? Lets’ have a look:

  1. No peeping through the letters – Opening up the cards before they are supposed to can ruin all the fun behind this entire idea. You will further regret doing this because when you would need a letter, you would have already opened all by that time.
  2. Open only when the situation arises – If the letter says “Open when you are sad”, make sure you open it only when you are sad and not when you are bored. You can miss out on all the fun if you open the letters before the right time arises.
  3. Limit the numbers of letters per week – You have spent a lot of time on making these letters and you would not want your friend to run out them too early. This is why limit the number of letters they can open each week. This way they can look forward to something special every week.
  4. Keep them private – They were meant especially for you so, don’t go around showing each letter to others. Of course, you can share the gift idea with other people and appreciate your friend’s effort.
  5. Keep them short – It is not a letter in real so, keep them short and cute. Couple of sentences would be more than enough to cheer someone up.
  6. Lastly, save them – Do not throw away the letters! You might want to re-read them after you come back home. If you did not get the time to get to a particular letter on your trip, you can wait for the right time.

Take your own time while writing these letters and enjoy the process. When you are having fun you will also get more creative and I guarantee you that your partner is going to love these little love notes.  It will bring comfort and a smile on their face when you are not around. I hope you liked these open when letter ideas but, if you have more such ideas then do let us know.