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Inspiring 25 Baby Shower Game Ideas Your Guests Will Love

Awaiting the arrival of a baby is a great reason for family, friends, and colleagues to come together and celebrate. The joy of the would-be parents knows no bounds during this time, and, it sure is fun to get to join in on the happy vibes. A baby shower is a great way to celebrate when there is a baby on the way.

Baby Shower Game Idea

Between getting the place decorated, ordering the foods and drinks, sorting out the invitations, you should not miss out on one of the best parts of the event: the baby shower games!

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Regardless of whether you choose the modern games or the easy baby shower games, one thing is guaranteed that you are going to have loads of fun because there are plenty of great ones to pick from. From the classic favorites to modern twists on those classic favorites, we have baby shower game ideas for everyone on the guest list. Besides, you can choose more than one game to keep the fun and excitement of going to the party. So, without any further ado, let’s get on with the fun game ideas for your baby shower.

Fun baby shower games and activities

Fun baby shower games
Fun baby shower games

No matter what the theme of your party is, these fun baby shower games will fit right in. These are simple and easy, and everyone can join in to have a good time. We can assure you that with these fun baby shower games, even those guests who are reluctant towards games will not mind participating.

So, let the fun begin!

  1. Onesie decoration station – Now, let’s start with fun coed baby shower games where everyone is a winner! Ask the guests to draw anything on the plain white onesies. Give them all the colors and brushes and let their creativity flow. At the end of the party, you will get a completely new wardrobe for your bundle of joy to wear when she or he arrives.
  2. Taste test for baby food – The taste test for baby food is actually very easy, but that does not make it any less fun than the other games on the list. You will have to put five or more different veggie or fruit purees into jars and put numbered labels on them. The challenge for the guests is whether or not they can guess the kind of baby food that you have put in each of the jars.
  3. Guess the contents of the bag – The guests would surely bring some or other gifts for the mom-to-be, and you can make fun baby shower games using those gifts. Get a couple of bags and fill these with all those gifts that you have got. Label each of the bags with the first letter that the gift starts with. Ask her to guess the contents of each of these bags before she can have them all for herself.
  4. Blindfolded diaper changing station – The name of the game explains it all in this case. Get a baby doll and some diapers, blindfold the guests, and let them try to make the baby wear a diaper. You should keep tabs on the one who does it the fastest. That person will surely come in handy if you meet with emergencies after the baby arrives!
  5. Pinning the poop on a diaper – You must have played pin the tail on a donkey while you were a kid. This is similar to that, but, being one of the baby shower games and activities, just makes it even better. Blindfold the guests and hand them a sheet of poop emoji stickers. The challenge lies in how many stickers they are able to stick over the diapers.

Modern baby shower games for a party

Modern baby shower games
Modern baby shower games

You do not need to stick with the old classics that you have seen in every other baby shower party. You can put an interesting spin on things and introduce your guests to modern baby shower games. These are unique, interesting, and definitely a lot of fun.

You can even keep some prizes at the end for the winners to make it all the more exciting.

  1. Five little ducklings – Five little ducklings is a game that you play in pairs. Divide the guests into pairs and give each team a bucket full of little duckling toys. Set up another empty basket across the place. Let one player stand before the basket and the other one at a distance. The second player will have to throw the ducks over the head of the first player and land it in the basket. The first player has to duck the ducks! Whichever team lands five ducklings in the basket the fastest, wins.
  2. Chopsticks and binkies – The players will have to hold a chopstick between the lips and use it to pick up the binkies from the table. They are not allowed to use their hands in the game. You will have set a certain number of binkies to be picked up and a particular time within which the players will have to complete the round. Whoever picks the most number of binkies within that time wins the game.
  3. Name the nursery rhyme – You will have to work a bit to get the preparations done for this game. Get a bunch of index cards and write lines from nursery rhymes on those. The guests will have to pick out a card from that bunch and try to guess the name of the nursery rhyme, and then, move on to the next card. Whoever guesses the most number of rhymes correctly is the winner. It’s a nice way to jog those memories, right?
  4. The matchmaker – Get a laundry basket and fill it with cute baby clothes. Players need to go through this basket and try to put together complete outfits. For instance, they should be getting matching mittens, hats, and socks together. Set a time within which they will have to complete the game to win the prizes.
  5. Form the “BABY” – Before the night of the baby shower, write the word “baby” letter by latter on different chits of paper. Once you have made the chits, put one letter in four or five balloons. This means you will have a total of sixteen to twenty balloons with the letters B-A-B-Y inside them. To play the game, ask the players to sit and burst the balloon and form the word “baby.” Whoever succeeds in forming the word first will win the game.

Amazing couples baby shower games

couples baby shower games
Couples baby shower games

If you are looking for baby shower game ideas, then the ideas mentioned below will be perfect for you. No matter if you are attending a baby shower or hosting one, these baby shower games are suitable for everyone. Don’t worry about your guests, they will surely have a fun evening and to make the event even more exciting;

you can add surprise gifts for the winners.

  1. Guess the baby This is one of the most exciting icebreaker games to play in a baby shower. If you think you don’t know your guests that well, this one will surely inspire new friendships. All that you need to do is ask your guests to bring along their baby photo. Collect these images when they arrive and then post them around the room by numbering them. Assign different numbers to different people and ask them to guess the person who is pictured on that number.
  2. Picking up the pacifier – This is another very interesting and fun baby shower game. What you will require is a large tub and around ten to fifteen pacifiers. Fill this tub with water and place it outdoors. When the guests are ready to play, drop all the pacifiers in the tub. This can be best played by two people at a time so, ask them to pick out as many pacifiers as they can with the help of their mouth (they cannot use their hands). How about giving a prize to the winner at the end?
  3. Guess the item – Baby shower games and activities can make the event interesting. In this game, you will be required to come up with names of baby items. Write each baby item on a plain note card and pin it to the back of the guests. Make sure that the person you are pinning it to should not know the name of the item. He is supposed to ask a list of yes/no questions to others in the room to guess this item. Once they have guessed it right, they can wear these cards on the front.
  4. Don’t drop the egg – This is one of the funniest games to play at a baby shower. Here, the egg resembles the baby. Provide your guests with color pencils, paints, food coloring or any other item of decoration to decorate the egg so that it looks like a baby. Now, organize a race where they have to carry the egg in a spoon held between their teeth. Whoever finishes the race without dropping the baby (egg), wins the race.
  5. My water broke! – Haha! This is not what it sounds like. In fact, this game has nothing to do with your body. All you need is miniature of babies, preferably plastic babies (one for each guest). Put these little babies in an ice tray and set them to freeze the night before the baby shower. The following day, when the guests have arrived, put these ice cubes in their drink and ask them to pay attention to the melting baby. Whoever’s has melted first has to shout “My water broke” loudly, and they win the game.

Simple baby shower games for everyone

Simple baby shower games
Simple baby shower games

A baby shower is an event filled with emotions and sentiments. To make it a fun event requires fun baby shower games. It is a day where you celebrate the parents-to-be and their togetherness. Once you have decided the menu and theme of the party, the next part is to decide activities and games.

Lucky for you, we have listed below easy baby shower games that are made for everyone and are a no-brainer:

  1. We are having a baby – This one right here has made its way to modern baby shower games. It is very easy to play and can be a lot of fun. All you need is balloons and couples. Split the guests into teams of two (couples preferably). One partner has to blow the balloons and tuck it inside their t-shirt. The other one has to try and burst the balloon with their belly; they are not allowed to use their hands or any pin.
  2. Hanging the diaper – Again, a very easy baby shower game where all you need is diapers and cloth pins. When the guests have arrived and are all set to play games, you can ask two of them to volunteer and hold a rope from their ends. Or, divide the guests into two teams and ask a member from each team to hold the rope from the ends. Now ask the team members to hang as many diapers as they can in a given time frame. The team that hangs the most number of diapers in less time wins.
  3. Don’t say “baby.” – This is an easy game because it does not require extra manual efforts. As you can already tell, the guests are not allowed to say the word “baby” but, to make the game even more interesting give them five cloth pins. There is only instruction: don’t utter the word “baby.” As soon as you hear the word, take a cloth pin from that person. By the end of the day, the person with the most number of pins wins the game. Wait for the guests to communicate in a funny way.
  4. Guess the price – This game will allow you to test the knowledge of your guests about baby related items. Cut out images of baby items from a catalog or magazine and pin it to a soft board. Provide your guests with a pen and paper and, ask them to guess the price for each baby item. The person who has got most of them correct (to the nearest value) gets the prize. What is not fun about this game? It will keep the guests engaged and make sure they are having a fun time.
  5. Spill the tea – If you are looking for fun coed baby shower games, then this one is sure to set a smile on your face. Here the focus will be on the mom-to-be and her spouse, so if you are attending a baby shower in the near future, then don’t forget to play this game. Prepare a list of questions for the couples including “Where were you when you first got to know about this news?” “Have you decided the name yet?” and “Is there a surprise gift?” After you have decided the questions, put the couple on a hot spot, one at a time, and ask them the questions. Record their answer and ask the other one to guess their partner’s answer.

Significant DIY baby shower games

DIY baby shower games
DIY baby shower games

Just because it is a baby shower does not mean you cannot involve other people in it. A baby shower where you celebrate the couple can uplift the entire atmosphere and bring happiness to the couple. Use this opportunity to socialize because you might not have a lot of time to do that later when the baby arrives.

Given below are a few ideas for the best baby shower games:

  1. Baby sketch art – Well, who knew that a sketch game could be this much fun? Hand out paper plates to your guests and ask them to sketch a figure of a baby. The one who makes the best sketch will win. To make the game even more interesting, ask them to do this while blindfolded. It will surely be a hilarious sight to witness people going gaga over a baby sketch, and the end results aren’t going to be any less.
  2. Find the baby – Every heard of gummy letters? You are going to need them while playing this game. In a bowl full of letter gummies, ask the guests to pick out the letters “B A B Y.” But, the twist here is that they cannot use their hands. All they have is a spoon held between their teeth, and then they have to try and dig deep to find the letters. To avoid the mess that it is going to create, put the bowl on a piece of table cloth so that you can easily throw away the leftovers.
  3. Baby Shark – Another fun and interesting game is the baby shark. To make sure that your guests are having fun, you have to motivate them to participate in games. The baby shark will surely bring out their wild side. So, start with making pairs and hand them a bag full of baby sharks (gummy sharks). Ask them to stand apart on two ends of the room. What they have to do is toss the baby shark across the room so that the other partner is able to catch it in their mouth. As soon as one catches the fish, they will have to swap their position with their partner and keep on doing so for a minute. The couple that catches the most number of fish wins the game.
  4. Diaper Fashion – Another quirky yet fun to play game is Diaper fashion. Who does not love being in style? This game is perfect for the couple who likes to keep things fashionable. The only twist is that instead of using accessories and jewelry, they are allowed to use diapers. One person has to be the model (like a mannequin), and the other will be the stylist. Whoever succeeds to staple as many diapers as they can on their mannequin will win the game. There is no rule as to how you will attach these diapers; you can arrange them in any order.
  5. Emoji Pictionary – When social media has succeeded in taking over the entire nation, why not make it a part of the baby shower?  Purchase a Pictionary game that has emoji riddles on it. Handover these cards to each of your guest, and ask them to write as many answers they can get right within a limited time frame. To make it a little more competitive, make a team of two people (mostly couples). The couple with the most number of right guesses naturally wins the game.

We hope these ideas were enough for you to have a great time at a baby shower. If you are wondering what to give your guest for prizes, then think of a gift that they really want. Choosing a gift can be a little tricky so, go with a universal gift such as gift cards, food vouchers, discount or coupon codes. They can be extremely useful, no matter who wins. Baby shower games can be the best way to keep the guests engaged and help them know each other better. Don’t forget to get gifts for the parents-to-be; it will be regarded as a sweet gesture. Adding games that involve alcohol can be a lot cooler than what it is right now. (Don’t worry; you can make non-alcoholic drinks for the mom-to-be) If you have more ideas in your mind, then do let us know in the comment section below.