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Yummy 51 Baby Shower Food Ideas to WOW Your Guests

After marriage, most couples start planning their family. It is best to conceive a child when both partners are financially and mentally prepared to take care of the responsibilities. A child brings home lots of joy and merry making. When the woman is sure about her pregnancy, she must take the necessary steps to ensure her and the baby’s wellbeing. It is the responsibility of the people around her to keep her happy. It will impact the baby in her womb positively. The friends and family members organize a special party for the soon-to-be mother and her unborn child.

Baby Shower food

In this write-up, you will get adequate information about baby shower menu ideas finger foodand presentation tips.

The party has been aptly termed as the baby shower. The guest of honor of this event is the mother of the unborn child. Though the party is attended by the female friends and family members, there is no hard and fast rule that can keep the father out of the merrymaking. Guests bring amazing gifts for the woman and her baby. When there is a party, there must be arrangement for food and drinks. Contacting a catering service provider will lessen your burden as they will prepare a baby shower menu according to your budget. Making food arrangements for the baby shower may seem easy, but the reality is far from this. If you do not have access to a competent cook, then preparing baby shower food will be a trick task.

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It is not possible for the pregnant mother to prepare the food. If you have invited too many people, then it is best to hire professionals. The catering service providers will come up with baby shower food ideas, which will wow your invitees. Experts suggest opting for an elaborate baby shower food menu is not a good idea. Pick easy baby shower food that will be tasty and easy to serve.

Baby shower food examples you will love

Baby shower food examples

Baby shower food examples

There are several cook books, which will provide loads of information on baby shower recipes. The unending options can make the task of appetizer selection rather challenging for novice parents. The amount of money you must spend will depend on the baby shower food selection and the number of servings. So, careful consideration is a must in this aspect.

Here are some of the best items, which will keep you guests asking for more:

  1. Tangy meatballs – It is hard to find a person who is not fond of meatballs. Tangy and sweet meatballs are a better alternative than your regular meatballs. The addition of simple ingredients will make this easy baby shower food an instant hit.
  2. Cheese and ham rolls – Another dish that appears on the list of baby shower food ideas is cheese and ham rolls. The combination of the sweet and salty cheese and the meaty ham, well marinated and grilled in the oven will make a mouthwatering dish.
  3. Veg dips – Some of your guests may like veg dishes. They will love the veg dip cups. The cups will contain yummy dipping with vegetable sticks. The inclusion of this dish in the baby shower food menu will add variety and color.
  4. Pasta salad – If you want to incorporate something filling in the baby shower food list, then pasta salad will come in handy. It is easy to make, and will be an ideal option for those on a budget.
  5. Pizza bombs – Ordering pizzas will burn a hole in your pocket. If you are looking for similar yet cheap baby shower food ideas, then replace pizzas with pizza bombs. These mini pizza balls pack in the same flavors, but are rather inexpensive, and can be prepared at home.
  6. Pretzel sausage bites – It is best to keep a decent variety of bite-sized items for the baby shower. Another popular item, you will easily find on the baby shower food list is pretzel sausage bites. The pretzels have a juicy piece of sausage in it, and then it is baked with seasonings.
  7. Jalapeno Bacon and Cheese Poppers – The combination of cheese, bacon and jalapeno, rolled all in one and baked in the oven, will be the perfect starters that will make guest reach out for another popper.
  8. Veggie tray with dip – Carrot sticks, asparagus, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, sautéed broccoli and several other vegetables can come together to make a veggie tray, fit for vegetarian or vegan guests. Make sure to serve these with at least two types of dips.
  9. Mac-n-cheese balls – Macaroni and cheese is a popular dish for people of all ages. A version of this dish that will fit the bills at a baby shower party is Mac-n-cheese fried balls. While the outer surface is crunchy, you will be welcomed with the gooey cheese and mac as you dig in with your teeth.
  10. Cheese-ham sliders – The combination of ham and cheese will win the hearts of your guests at the party. Marinated ham and cheese slices will melt and fuse with one another and the guests will experience a unique explosion of flavors as they take a bite of the sliders.
  11. Veggie salad skewers – Another dish that fits the cheap baby shower food ideas list is veggie salad skewers. One can use the vegetables of his/her choice while making the veg version of the skewer kebabs. First, one must marinate the cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, bell peppers, even cottage cheese for two hours in the dressing. Then put then neatly on a skewer and grill them in the oven to make these delicious veggie kebabs.
  12. Spicy and sweet sausage – If you want to add a gray item to the food list, then you may opt for spicy and sweet sausage. The fusion of the spicy and sweet ingredients, with the slow cooked sausage in the sauce, will impart a heavenly flavor to the dish.
  13. Tomato tarts – Tart is a dish that is unfit to be on the food list for a baby shower. However, adding caramelized onions and spiced tomato pieces, along with several spices, will elevate its value.
  14. Waffle chicken slider – It is hard to find a person who does not enjoy a combination of crispy waffles and juicy chicken. You can bring the two together and create an interesting item that will find a place on the baby shower finger food ideas list.
  15. Taco dip – No party, in the Mexican community will be complete without serving several forms of taco. In recent times, the popularity of taco dips is rather high. These can be served as starters or a side dish.

Good looking baby shower food ideas for a boy

baby shower food ideas for boy

Baby shower food ideas for a boy

Some couples like to be prepared for the baby, and so they opt for sex determination. Though it is not legally approved in many countries, if you can determine the sex of the baby, without breaking any law, then go for it. There is no specific list of dishes, which can be tagged as baby shower food ideas for a boy. If you want to make the dishes unique, you will have to come up with some creative ideas.

Here are some fantastic items, which will appear on the baby shower food boy list:

  1. Mini Shepherd’s pie – Shepard’s Pie is a popular dish that can be made with or without non-veg ingredients. Though a full size pie will take considerable time and effort, preparing mini shepherd’s pie is rather easy. One can easily pick up these pies in one hand, and enjoy it with a glass of cocktail or chilled bear.
  2. Snowball cookies – Cookies are a must for any baby shower party. If you want your guest to appreciate your cooking and creativity skills, then don’t server normal cookies, available in the market. The snowball cookies are ideal for this purpose. Though the exterior will resemble any other standard cookie, guests will be delighted to get a colorful candy disk as they take a bite of it. These cookies are also popular with the kids.
  3. Ham-n-cheese stacks – Non-veg lovers can never get enough of ham and cheese. The dish is very easy to make and requires only cheese and ham slices. A slice of ham must be stacked over a cheese slice. You can repeat it twice or thrice. Grilling the stacks in the oven, and sprinkling some spices is all you need to do.
  4. Cotton candy cocktails – Only food will not make the guests happy. Serving cocktails or mocktails for the guests is essential. The combination of Champaign and cotton candy will make a mean cotton candy cocktail that will quench the thirst of your guests.
  5. Baby Swiss cheese cake – Swiss cheese cake is mandatory in the baby shower for your future little prince. If too many people are expected to attend the party, then ask your local baker to prepare a Baby Swiss Cheese cake for the event.
  6. Baked and loaded potatoes – Not many people are fond of potatoes, and even less can imagine it to be a primary ingredient of cute baby shower appetizers. With your creativity and culinary skills, you can make this potato the main attraction. Raw potato slices, loaded with sausage, ham or bacon pieces, minced cherry tomatoes and parmesan cheese, when baked in the oven will spread an inviting aroma in the party.
  7. Berry pastries – If you want to create a separate sweet dish for the guests, then picking the berry pastries will be ideal. You can make an assorted berry pastry or opt for blueberry or raspberry. Either way, the aroma will capture the attention of the guests who have come for baby shower food boy.
  8. Chicken-n-bacon rolls – The mouthwatering combination of bacon and chicken will be another party favorite for the baby shower. Chicken sheets are easily available in the market. To make these delicious items, you need to marinate the chicken with herbs, and roll then up with bacon. You can either fry these rolls or grill then in the oven. The fat of the bacon will lock in the flavors of both meats. You can drizzle some parmesan cheese on top of these rolls for added flavor.
  9. Egg devils – If you desire to serve something for those who love eggs, then opting for egg devils will be perfect. This dish also features on the baby shower food ideas for a boy list. It is best to follow the traditional egg devil recipe to get the best results.
  10. Chicken crescent buns – Chicken items are common at most baby showers. The reasons behind this are it tastes good, and you can make several preparations with the common main ingredient. Apart from this, it is also inexpensive and cooks fast. The bun is made of well-kneaded dough. You can put precooked minced chicken, veggies and other herbs inside the bun. To put on the alluring glaze, rub some butter on these buns and pop them in the oven.
  11. Beary cookies – If you are throwing a baby shower for your baby boy, then do not forget to include some bear shaped cookies on the food table. It will attract the attention of the children as well as the adults. Use colored frosting to make the mouth, eyes and nose of the bears.
  12. Tortilla Pinwheels – It is a custom among the Mexican families to make tortilla pinwheels at family get together. A variation of this dish will work well as one of the baby shower finger food ideas. You can be rest assured that the guests will ask the recipe of this amazing and finger licking pinwheels. The tortilla is just the medium. The true star is the filling that contains cream cheese, seasoned with herbs and spices, and minced and precooked bacon, ham or chicken.

Cute baby shower food ideas for a girl

baby shower food ideas for girl

Baby shower food ideas for a girl

If you have been blessed with a baby girl, then you must take necessary steps to welcome her. All girls like pink color, and you must keep the color theme in mind while finalizing the baby shower menu planning.

To keep in line with the theme, you must opt for baby shower food ideas for a girl that is pink in color.

  1. Loaded strawberries – The girl baby shower food list will not be complete if you do not include strawberry and raspberry related items. The most popular item on this list is none other than loaded strawberries. You have to cut the strawberries in the shape of a flower and put a sauce in it. You can add minced and cooked chicken or fried bacon in it too.
  2. Chicken and strawberry salad – Health and nutrition are two important aspects that must never be overlooked. No hard and fast rule says that only fried items must be on the baby shower menu ideas finger foods list. A juicy and refreshing chicken and strawberry salad, with avocado, mint and a dash of lemon juice will make a fulfilling and nutritious item.
  3. Strawberry shortcake biscuits – Normal biscuits will not earn you any brownie points. If you want to make an impression that bring in some creativity. Baking the biscuits, with a dollop of strawberry shortcake will attract both kids and adults.
  4. Choco-strawberry pie – Pie is a common item for any get together. A simple variation of this dish is to add both chocolate and strawberry essence in it. The bitter-sweetness of the chocolate will be countered by the tang from strawberries.
  5. Marinated shrimps – People, who want to go all put with the baby shower, will not mind spending few extra thousands on an elaborate menu. The marinated shrimp is a befitting example of items falling under ‘girl baby shower food’ category. The cleaning and prepping will take more time than the actual cooking.
  6. Grape and ginger fizz – If the baby shower is during the summer months, you must keep some drinks in mind while baby shower menu planning. A mocktail containing ginger and grape juice will keep the guests hydrated.
  7. Bacon tomato cups – If common appetizers are not good enough for you, opt for something that packs in lots of flavors. The bacon tomato cups will fit as an appropriate baby shower appetizers. These are baked in muffin trays and the batter contains chunks of bacon and finely chopped tomatoes, along with other herbs and seasonings.
  8. Red velvet cupcakes – Soon you will be welcoming a cute and sweet princess in your life. So, her pre-welcome party must match up to her. Keeping the theme of the party in mind, red velvet cupcakes will be the perfect dessert option. People of all ages like to binge on red velvet cakes with strawberry icing.
  9. Berry-bacon mini pizzas – Cooking for so many people will not be an issue, if you make a smart food item selection. A salad, along with berry and bacon mini pizzas, fruit punch and desert will wrap it up easily. Adding tomatoes and strawberries will make the mini pizzas star of the party.
  10. Watermelon salad – It is important to see that your guests are refreshed, especially during summers. A watermelon salad, with proper dressing and other juicy ingredients, will ensure that guests are well-hydrated at all times.
  11. Mint hearts – Keeping something that will refresh the mouth will come in handy after a drink or some appetizers. Making some minty candies will come serve the purpose. Heart shaped and pink colored mint candies will add something extra to the table décor.
  12. Three layer cake – Another dessert item, that will act as the cherry on the icing is the three layer cake. You can pick strawberry, blueberry and lemon flavors, which most people like. There are other versions of three layer cakes that you can consider for baby shower food ideas for a girl.
  13. Raspberry sorbet – If the baby shower party falls during the summer months, then offering raspberry sorbet to the guests is a must. The bright color will not only enliven the mood of the parry, but the ice will help the guests to escape the heat.
  14. Mini Strawberry pies – To end the merrymaking on a sweet note, you must serve something that is in keeping with the theme of the baby shower. It is here that mini strawberry pies will do the trick. These are like small sweet treats, but will pack in the punch of a wholesome pie.
  15. Tangy fruit cups – Tangy fruit cups is another refreshing and succulent food item that will win the hearts of your guests during any season. You can out all types of chopped fruits in the transparent glass cups. Make sure the tang is well-balanced with sweetness. The transparent cups will flash the bring colors, which will make the fruit salad all the more inviting.

Baby shower finger foods serving tips

Baby shower finger foods idea

Baby shower finger foods

Experts suggest that a person will only be interested in trying out a food, if he/she is visually attracted towards it. So, the food must look good, and must be well-presented. Otherwise, you will fail in your efforts to gather accolades from the guests. It is not easy to create a list of baby shower foods to wow your guests. If the presentation of needs to be as inviting as the aroma and the taste to offer complete satisfaction.

  1. Bright flowers on the plate – The birth of a bay means the start of new life. It is a miracle of nature that must be celebrated with bright colors and merriment. Whether you are serving tarts or dried items, decorating then with floral petals will make then look vibrant. You can make the floral petals with fondant that is safe and edible. It will be life serving flower to your guests. It will come in handy during serving baby shower finger foods.
  2. Ducklings in pond – Blue lagoon is a popular drink that will quench the thirst of your guests during summers. Most serve the drink in glasses. Make an exception in the presentation and see how your guests react. Place a mint duckling in all the glasses, and pour the drink in a big oval container. Put some mind ducklings in the container as well. It will look like a pond with ducklings afloat in it.
  3. Spring candy – Instead of serving drinks in glasses, freeze it in the form of an ice candy. Put some seasonal fruit peels in the drink and then freeze it. When the drink has frozen completely, it will look like an ice candy.
  4. Bookworms’ cake – Make layered cake that is in the form of a book. Choose the name of popular children’s story books for each layer. If you are not competent at this sort of cake making, then the local bakery will come to your rescue. The
  5. Flying hearts – Another item that comes under the baby shower finger foods category is flying hearts. Several versions of this food are popular in the market. While you can make heart shaped cookies with some frosting, others can bake similar shaped chicken-n-ham pastries. These heart shaped delicacies will surely make the guests reach for some more.
  6. Popping cookies – No extra points will be allotted for baking normal cookies. But if you make these colorful and of a size that can be readily popped in your mouth, then you can highlight your skills. The colorful and flavored cookies are rather popular with kids.
  7. Cube cakes – Don’t cut up the cake in the traditional manner. If you want to make way for some visual beauty, then use professional techniques to cut the cake in the form of cubes. Such tools are easily available in the market. Each piece will look like a cube of ice, and you can serve in an ice bowl, rather than on a normal tray.
  8. Candy wishes – Serving a standard muffin will not attract any eyes towards the presentation. However, multicolored cotton candy, woven on a toothpick, and pierced on the muffin is a sight to behold. These sweet treats can be truly considered as baby shower foods to wow your guests.  
  9. Pearled Cuppas – Cupcakes are an important part of any baby shower. They look cute just as they are, but additional colorful icing will increase their beauty. You will find edible pearls and pearl dust at the confectioner store. These, when sprinkled on the cupcakes, will enhance the appearance and taste of these cuppas as well.

Food preparation, decoration and serving, all fall under a particular culinary art. Some are born with these skills, while others can develop them with practice. The birth of a son or daughter will start a new phase in the lives of the couples. The family members and friend will love to share the happy news with the couple. Good company, along with good food and drinks will pave the path for best wishes and presents for the soon to be mother and her baby.